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1st March 1927 - Fourteen miners were killed Those Who Died
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26th July, 1934 - Nine Miners Were Killed - Those Who Died

Doreen Hann - Key No 1159 Bilsthorpe Colliery
Phil Harriss - Bilsthorpe Colliery Memorial Gates
Arthur Wheeldon - Bilsthorpe Colliery Memorial Gates
Barrie Moore - Trying to find relatives of David Robert Jones, Killed in the Bilsthorpe Disaster 1927
Judy Hamer - Bilsthorpe Colliery Memorial Gates Who Was George Lancaster?
John Morris - Help, Grandfather Thomas Leslie Morris lived in Heanor involved at the rescue at Bilsthorpe in 1934

Doreen Hann
22 Oct 2015
Key No 1159 Bilsthorpe Colliery

Dear Sir,

I have in my possession a Key with a brass circular tag with the number 1159 and Bilsthorpe Colliery written on it. This key was found in Stockhill Woods, Priddy Near Wells, Somerset last weekend.

I thought it might have some commemorative meaning for its owner.

I thought the owner would like the key returned. If you can give me any information on how the key can be returned, I would appreciate it.


Doreen Hann

Bilsthorpe check and key

It really does seem strange to find such items in Somerset. At our Heritage museum, situated on Cross Street at the rear of the Village hall in Bilsthorpe we have many but not all work cards with the man's number, address, job description and when he worked at the colliery etc. Should you wish, you can post the items to me. I am a trustee at the museum and I will get back to you with any information I find.
Thank you
Bob Bradley

Barrie Moore
11 September 2012
Trying to find relatives of David Robert Jones, Killed in the Bilsthorpe Disaster 1927


After viewing your web site I am hoping that you may be able to help me.

I am trying to find relatives of my wife’s uncle David Robert Jones, Killed in the Bilsthorpe Disaster 1927.

I have just found your site and noted that families of the deceased attended a dedication service for the memorial.

There is a e-mail from a Pat Jennings and hoped that you might be able to provide contact details for him or others  involved in the establishment of the memorial..

I would much appreciate any help with my search.

Yours sincerely,
Barrie Moore

Hi Fionn, Re Bilsthorpe queries tell them to try they have a wonderful mining  museum and loads of information on individuals.
Alan Beales

22 July 2014
David Robert Jones

I am writing in response to Barrie Moore’s email of 2012 to say that I am the granddaughter of David Robert Jones. His birth name was David Roberts but because he lived with a family called Jones he was known by that surname.

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Judy Hamer
23 July 2011
Bilsthorpe Colliery Memorial Gates Who Was George Lancaster?
Memorial Gates
James Edward Harriss, might have made these gates
I wonder if you can help me? Apparently at the entrance to Bilsthorpe Colliery there were a set of Memorial Gates with the inscription In Memory of
George Lancaster.

Can you manage to shed any light at all as to the identity of George Lancaster please?

If this should turn out to be in memory of my Great Grandfather it would be amazing.

I will add any details requested should this be so. The George Lancaster I am referring to died aged 100. This could be very interesting or with no connection at all!

Best wishes
Judy Hamer

Phil Harriss
14 May 2013
George Lancaster Memorial Gates


I have just read the email exchange on your site (dated Oct 2011) about the George Lancaster Memorial Gates.

I believe it was my grandfather, James Edward Harriss, who made these gates.

Do you happen to have any more information about this subject, or any information about my grandfather (who worked as a
metalworker at Bilsthorpe Colliery from 1927 to 1959, I believe).

We have very few mementoes of my grandfather's time at the colliery. I have a barometer that was presented to him on his retirement, my father (Edward Donald Harriss, who will be 80 this year) has his miner's lamp, and I have a curious paperweight that he made out of a short length of cable that once held the 'cage' taking the men down to the coal face. I believe he made this following an accident where the cable snapped, but I can't be sure.

Also, would you be able to put me in touch with Arthur Wheeldon, or anyone who is currently running the welfare club? I would like to help restore the gates, which were looking a little worse for wear last time I saw them (more than a year ago).

Best wishes.

Phil Harriss

Arthur Wheeldon.
24 Oct 2011
George Lancaster Memorial Gates

Hi you may already have this information, but the George Lancaster Gates are at the entrance to the Bilsthorpe Sports Field, and the George Lancaster to whom the gates refer did not live to the age of 54 he lived in Bilsthorpe, in fact he has a son Edward who is still living in the village, I know of no other Lancasters in the village. The building to the right of the picture is the Cricket Pavilion on the sports field.

I am a member of the Bilsthorpe Heritage Society, we are in the process of opening a small museum most of the contents are items and documents from the local mine, so if Judy's Great Grandfather was employed at Bilsthorpe we have information about almost all the men employed at the mine from its sinking, though it may only be his works number job description and address. if this is of any interest to her please ask her to get in touch.

I hope this is of use.
Arthur Wheeldon.

From: John Morris
7 Jan 2010
Help - Grandfather Thomas Leslie Morris lived in Heanor involved at the rescue at Bilsthorpe in 1934

I don’t know if you can help I have started to put together our family history and would like to fill in work and personal details where I can.

My Grandfather Thomas Leslie Morris lived in Heanor and started at Ormonde in Derbyshire as pony boy at 13 in about 1908 after working in Derbyshire, Notts and South York’s he returned to Ormond just before Nationalisation as Manager. My grandmother told me just before she died he had been involved at the rescue at Bilsthorpe in 1934. I think he worked on the ventilation.

Does anyone have any information on Thomas?

Regards John Morris

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