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Emails From Miners and Their Families


Keith Fletcher Phil Wyles David Townend
Mr Toy Fred Wetherill Tony Dove
Jack Hallam Mick Jeavons Tony Cox
Les Cooper Ross Sharp Ian Morrison
Mandy Murray Ronnie Munro Stan Durban
John Mowbray James Findlay Colin Pounder
Mr I R Siddons Alf Pates Diana Daniels
John Robinson Charles
Karen Dean-Arshadi Ken Sinclair John Jones
Derek Spriggs Jane Tegg Dave Holden
John New Rab Armour Russell (Rusty ) Johnson
Alfred Powick  Brian Clarke Chris Sampson
Brian Avery


I need more information. This site started off as Philip's scrap book but it is now expanding. As is so often the case we did not get enough information from Philip while he was alive. I need more information, stories and pictures so that those interested can find out more about the mining industry in the UK, what it was like to be a miner what it was like to live in a mining family, or as in Philip's case a mines rescue family.

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