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Mansfield Museum

Made in Mansfield
The importance of mines


Roland's Sign - Proud to be a Miner

News Journal MansfieldTeam

THE Made In Mansfield industrial gallery in the arcade at Mansfield Museum arcade looks at eight of the more well-known industries that built Mansfield’s reputation for manufacturing — and reveals stories about the work and the social aspects of working for major companies in the past. The museum is bringing News Journal readers the story of the people and companies that made Mansfield a centre of industry — and reveals stories about the work and the social aspects of working for major companies in the past.

A Mining Town
THE growth of British industry led to a huge demand for coal. The first mines in this area were at Skegby, where coal lay closer to the surface.

Mansfield’s best coal lay about a quarter of a mile underground and could not be reached without steam power.
The Warsop Main, Sherwood and Mansfield collieries were all founded around 1900. More mines nearby made Mansfield the centre of a major coalfield and its population more than doubled to reach 36,888 in 1911.

Mansfield Mines Rescue Service
COAL mining was a very dangerous business — explosive and poisonous gases, heavy machinery, long tunnels and deep lift shafts all took their toll and 286 miners lost their lives working in the Mansfield, Sherwood and Warsop Main collieries.

Many more would have done so had they not been quickly rescued from their under-ground workplace.
Mansfield was home to one of the first and last central Mines Rescue Stations.

It was opened in 1909 and went through nationalisation and privatisation to become the base of the national Mines Rescue Service Ltd.

Don't Miss Museum's Feel Good Friday - 2017

On the last Friday of the month from 11am to 1pm, Feel Good Friday is a free monthly session, aimed at adults and run in partnership with Mansfield District Leisure Trust.

Every month people will get the opportunity to have a go at a variety of different activities and get advice about how they and their family can lead a healthier lifestyle.

The dates for 2017 are January 27, February 24, March 31, April 28, May 26, June 30, July 28, August 25, September 29, October 27, November 24 and December 15.

Join the museum at the first Feel Good Friday on Friday, 27th January, at 11am.

The first free session will include a chance to try some healthy food and meet the team running the activities over the forthcoming year.

For more information on the Feel Good Fridays or other events, contact Jodie Henshaw, museum development officer, on 01623 463088

Nottinghamshire Minng Museum

Roland Laycock




Well its done and off to the Nottinghamshire Mining Museum in Mansfield. Now I can have my dinner on the dinning table again, hope to see some of you at the Museum.

There will be an exhibition of Art Work by Brian Morley, a self taught artist & ex-miner. The exhibition will run from late August to November 2019. Its open on Friday and Saturday from August, give them a bell on 01623 239750.

The Museum is at Mansfield Railway Station


Roland with his Sign

Roland Laycock - August 2019