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Pete Searson - They Worked Closely Together On The Rescue Station

Pete was a long standing and respected friend of Philips.

Pete was a long standing and respected friend of Philips. They worked closely together on the Rescue Station and regularly kept in contact right up to Philips death.

I used to bike from Long Eaton to Cossall where I worked on a 14" seam. The night before they would have dug out 10 yards of coal by 6'8" in and I had to shovel it all into tubs. The worst thing, on that low 14" seam was when they used to get weight on, what they called the first weight, everything started rumbling like thunder and you could see the supports just sinking into the floor, when you only have 14" to start with, you don't want anything less.

I only had sandwiches for lunch and at the end of my shift I'd have to cycle all the way back home to Long Eaton, I was that tired I'd fall asleep at tea time and my mum would complain "A young lad like you fallin' asleep".

Lockering-upAt Shipley pit bottom my fist job was lockering, gangs of twenty tubs full of coal would come down to the pit bottom, I had pieces of wood and I used to have to get these pieces of wood in to the wheels to locker them up, to act like brakes, if you did not get enough in they'd be going that fast they used to pile up. If that happened you'd get a real feeling of guilt, the men would go crackers because everything used to stop because of you.

In the picture above the lad is using steel lockers, most did not use these because they were too heavy and cumbersome.


Statuette on right presented to Pete on his retirement from Ilkeston Mines Rescue Station, on it's closure.

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Lee Spurr
25 Apr 2014
Pete Searson

Hi Fionn can you tell me if Pete Searson is still about? I have an old friend looking for him?

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