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Diary of a collier.

The following document is a reproduced account of the notes made by Desmond Lemon, upon becoming a collier at Selston Colliery. (My thanks to Carol Taylor-Cockayne)

Date Feb. 27th 1925.
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Feb. 27th 1925
Age 13
Desmond Lemon,
The Crescent,

Started down pit July 13th 1925.

Confirmed May 20th 1926. St. Marys Church, Westwood. Tracey came home same day.
Jim went to hospital with his arm May 21st 1926.
Started down pit July 13th 1925.

Blue got run over Monday night March 14th 1927.

Jims pups born 7th Oct.

Set wallflowers Sat. Nov. 1st '25.

MacLaren left Pyehill House Nov. 3rd 1925.

Eric broke his leg on common March 14th 1926 whilst playing football.

Percy Clarke got his leg broken whilst at work on June 21st 1928.

Jim sat fowl Saturday night March 20th 1926.

Jim sat his fowl Thursday March 16th 1927. Mams Birthday.



2nd HATCH MAY 9th 1926 9. 17 started laying Nov. 1st 1926.

I was confirmed on May 20th 1926, St Marys Church Westwood.

May 21st 1926, Jim went with his arm to the hospital

Sat 7th Jan 1926, Sprained my ankle whilst playing Hawleys in the 4th round of the Shield

Reggie Thorpe went to the hospital with Scarlet Fever and Diptheria on
Saturday 7th January 1926.

Tetty came home for a weeks holiday Monday 9th January. Mam got a bad cold.

New rope put on Endless Haulage Sunday Nov. 10th 1935.

Endless Haulage. Started running up 2nd District on December 2nd 1935.

Started work after the strike Oct. 26 1926. started on afternoons.
Tetty at home for a weeks Holiday.

Endless rope extended May 19th 1935.

Creeper in pit bottom. May 20th 1935.

Conveyor started at Selston pit on the day shift, Monday June 3rd 1935.
Also 250 new tubs went down Sunday June 2nd 1935. Big tipe.

Jim left Selston pit Sat. March 5th 1927

Started Pinxton March 9th 1927.

New chairs put on at Selston Pit on Saturday April 5th 1930.

Chair at No.2 pit crashed to the Bottom on Monday Sept. 22nd 1930.
3 day's holiday.

Endless rope started at Selston pit on Dec. 26th 1934, also soft coal pit bottom opened again.

Pye Hill pit cage crash 3 3\4 holidays through it May 9th.

Went ganging up the hard Coal for the first time. Tuesday 10th 1927 and Mary

Wednesday 11th 1927 and Mary

Thursday 12th 1927 Bill Lindley got killed at Pinxton Pit on Monday January 16th 1928.

Went on nights up the Hard coal on Tuesday Aug. 21st 1928.

Selston School Sports. Held on the Welfare Grounds Saturday June 22nd 1929. Nora Staley won 5 prizes. 4 firsts and 1 second.

Frank Brown taken to Hospital for a operation on appendicitis on Saturday March 9th 1929.
We went to see him on the following Sat. March 16th 1929, he was improving very nicely.

Jim got kick on the shoulder. Had a weeks holiday with it May 7th 1926. Tetty at
home for the afternoon.

Gerald Lewis hurt his knee whilst playing football 1st Match of Season 1928\9 Saturday 25th August playing against Hawleys.

Got my head split open whilst playing football Sat. Nov. 17 1928 playing Hawleys
in first round of knock out cup. Won 6 0

Jim on the club with flu Nov. 14th 1928. Mam got it as well.

Jim Sheriston had to have a week on club got kicked over ankle playing football
Feb. 23rd 1929.
He went to the Hospital on the 5th of April 1930 with two sists and had them taken out.

Connie at Hanson had to go to hospital to have her tonsils taken out Tuesday May 3rd 1927

Tetty went to Haden Hall on Sunday Aug. 26th 1928 with Clarrence.

Aunt Alice had picture of Dad Nov. 26th 1928.

Mam had Dads picture Feb. 14th 1929.

Tetty left Hansons on Sep. 20th 1930.

Our Jim got traped at Pinxton Pit on July 22nd 1929.
Went to Hospital broken Collar Bone & Badly Bruised Ribs.
Started work again on 21st Oct. 1929.

Paddy got traped at Selston Pit. Wednesday Sept. 24th 1930.
Badley Bruised ankle and ribs.


Albert Richards and Billie Atfield listed on Thursday Nov. 10th 1927

Went to Lincoln on Nov. 14th 27

Billie Atfield came back 23 Nov. 1927.

Mr Ashmore got killed at Selston pit on Feb. 22nd 1929 whilst at work.

Enoch Wagstaff got killed at Selston pit on Tuesday Oct. 15th 1929 on the
Afternoon shift.

Copyed out of one of Dads books.

Nottingham strike started Wednesday 19th March 1919.

Union money paid on 26 March and the 2nd April.

Started work Thursday April 3rd 1919 paid 2\6 extra.

Rev. Callister preached last sermon May 30th 1920. Left Bagthorpe June 2nd.

Bentic Disaster 30 June 1915.

Bacons 2 Brothers died August.

Nottingham Old Market closed down Saturday Nov. 18th 1928.

New Market opened WednesdayNov. 21st 1928.

New Exchange opened May 22nd 1929. It was opened by the Prince of Wales.

Selston pit closed down May 13th 1929.

Started to work again after the pit closed down June 4th 1929.
Had new pit shoes from Co op. Sept 13th 1938.

Took Grandad Lemon to the Hospital for a operation on a stoppage of water on Wednesday July 3rd 1929.

Passed away July the 8th 1929.

Pit Collections at Selston.

W. Wetton £4. 30.10.35
B. Radford £3.17.0 19.8.36
M. Gibbs £2.14.0 17.6.36
Barnsley Disaster £7.2.6. 21.8.36
G. Tinklin
W. Lyle £4.14.6 30.5.37
J. Clarke £2.18.0 28.5.37

Teddy Martin went to West Brom for a trial and did well.

Low main Coal found at Selston Pit 5.10.29

Had our wireless set on Tueday October 7th 1930.

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