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The Day The World Blew Up - 70 People Were Killed in an English Country Village


Bob Johnson - I am local historian for Gnosall where there was a cement works in the late 1800s run by Henry Newton. Whilst googling, I came across the Fauld-Family pages and Jeremy Manners
Terl Bryant - The 1945 Fauld Explosion
Jillian Smith - Fauld Explosion Altered The Course Of My Family's Life
Vanessa Bell - I am researching the Fauld Disaster and would like to contact David Mear
David Mear - The Fauld Explosion - nothing much of the truth has ever got out!
Dennis Briggs - I saw the Fauld Explosion
Richard Waring - My Grandfather, Thomas Waring Was In The Offices When The Dump Went Up
Debbie Dixon - Non Existent Links


Bob Johnson
24 July 2022
Jeremy Manners

Hi, - hope you can help.

I am local historian for Gnosall (6 miles west of Stafford) where there was a cement works in the late 1800s run by Henry Newton. Whilst googling, I came across this web page Jeremy MannersĀ and would like to make contact with the writer. Yours is the only email link I can find on the page so apologies for the inconvenience. Can you please forward this email to Jeremy or if that’s not possible, but you know someone who could help I would appreciate it if you could forward to them.

Please let me know so I can try other avenues if necessary.

Many thanks,

Bob Johnson


Jillian Smith
11 Mar 2014
Fauld Explosion Altered The Course Of My Family's Life

I am looking for more information about the Fauld explosion.

The explosion altered the course of my family’s life.

My grandfather and great grandfather were both killed in the explosion. There names were William (Bill) Slater and Robert Wagstaff.

I am interested in contacting anyone who has some insight into what happened.

My mother and grandmother immigrated to Australia in 1960. I am Australian. I have visited the crater, the memorial, Hanbury Church (where my grandfather is buried). I have some newspaper clippings. I would love to hear from anyone who could offer me more information.

 Many thanks


Vanessa Bell
16 Nov 2013
I am researching the Fauld Disaster and would like to contact David Mear

Hello there
I am doing some research on the Fauld Disaster and there is an email on your website form a gentleman called David Mear and I would love to get in touch with him regarding the Fauld Explosion and was wondering if, by any chance, you still had this gentleman’s email address.
I have tried looking him upon facebook but there are a lot of David Mear and I dont know if he is still local or moved away. This being the case I thought that contacting yourself would be the best place to stat with regards to finding a contact address for this gentleman.
The email he sent you was sent on 13th September 2010 (I know, a long time ago) and was entitled "The Fauld Explosion - nothing much of the truth has ever got out!"
If you have a contact address or email address for this gentleman I really would be very grateful and appreciate your help in this matter.



David Mear
13 September 2010
The Fauld Explosion - nothing much of the truth has ever got out!

Hi there, My name is David Mear my mother was Violet Gent niece of William (Bill) Gent who is still to this day down there in Peter Fords old "Alabaster Mine".

The RAF Fauld Bomb Disposal Team aided by an Italian POW caused the explosion, but Peter Fords Mine took the brunt and although there were 35 bodies came out there are a lot more still down there.

My Mother 18 at the time told me a great deal about the explosion of which much as been written but nothing much of the truth has ever got out! The mine made the history books in differing versions. The biggest sin is that many glory hunting men of many different mine rescue teams got themselves covered in medals and glory mainly by elaborating their stories to such an extent that the truth has long since been forgotten and covered up by officialdom.

I am not going to write a long story mainly because being a dyslexic person I cannot write down everything I know. But there are genuine stories to be told that have never been told!

  • The Farmers wife her husband and the visiting Insurance collector are still down there
  • The man who ran out into the rain because he could see what was about to happen, he survived and was gagged by the RAF at the time. His story is known by locals but no one dare ever to tell it
  • The paper boy who wagged off school to help on the farm is still down there, again the story was gagged by the Education Dept.
  • The service men who were given compassionate leave to help dig for relatives because they worked in the mine before the war, my granddad was such a man and was digging for 18 days, he only had 14 days leave but his brother Bill Gent was still in there and still is.

My Grandad was one of only 3 men who ever got into the real accident site as they were told to call it! Their story has been gagged for the last 66 years, why was all this information withheld? I am 62 and have kept the real story safe all my life. I am unable to write it all down because of my illness and my dyslexia. I have spoke to all those who have now gone to a better place we hope all men and their wives and sisters who were really there not just for a few hours and went away telling tales of their bravery and great tasks, the RAF were only too pleased to award them in the hope their stories and medals would convince everyone there was not another story to be told and so it never has been!

Oh yes "The Day it Rained Cows" is famous as are the many, many other stories told by those who want to make money or dare not tell the whole truth even if they ever did knew it!

David Mear

Dennis Briggs
19 August 2011
I saw the Fauld Explosion
Hi I saw the Fauld explosion from up the road from where it happened. It was my sixteenth birthday and I was in my father’s van going to the village store on the top of Hanbury hill with groceries and yeast. Rocks blocked the road in front of us and we had to turn back.

It was a terrible explosion I still remember it.


The Cock Inn, Hanbury
From Staffordshire Past-Track

Richard Waring
25 November 2010
My Grandfather, Thomas Waring Was In The Offices When The Dump Went Up
I read the email about the many cover-ups concerning the Fauld Explosion but this does not seem to fit in with the experience of my grandfather. His name was Thomas Waring (born Warin but his mother thought Warin sounded common) and started his working life as a glasscutter for Webb and Corbett in Tutbury.

At some time at the start of the War he became a civilian worker at RAF Fauld. He died in 1974 but the only recollection passed down the family was that he was in the offices when the dump went up and it fairly rattled the windows. He was the sort of person who was not going to be told what to do or say and I find it impossible to believe in the 30 years before his death that if he had been told to keep anything he knew quiet he would not have told his family. In fact in about 1967 there was a television programme about RAF Fauld where he spoke (see attached photo) which was notable in the family because 'Tom had been on the telly'. I assume this programme no longer exists as the BBC had a policy of re-using tapes but if it did it would be nice to hear my Grandad again.

Richard Waring


Debbie Dixon
3 October 2010
Non Existent Links

I tried to access the two links at the bottom of the page regarding the Fauld explosion but neither appears to be in use any longer.

Kind Regards

Thank you very much Debbie, unfortunately the sites the links pointed to have gone so I have now removed them.
The existing links now only point to pages on my own site so they should still work.



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