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Charlie and Dave Hill

Charlie and Dave Hill at Chesterfield Station
during a training day.

Later both Dave and Charlie joined the Mines Rescue team at Chesterfield.

Chesterfield Mines Rescue Station . . .

27 April 2009 - Found this site "wilfing" and remembered my great uncle Bob Harrison, 4th from left, was a member of the above. I've dug out an old photo see above - it's allegedly circa 1920. I also found another photo on the net of the Chesterfield Station, its a Dutch site (Minerescue 2) about BA equipment but the other picture stated to be around 1914.

The picture is from a bundle of old family pics, as my great uncle Bob Harrison is on it wearing Aerophor set C3. I do not know who any of the others are, but I think someone on your message board was asking for info on Chesterfield due to a family connection, so I've emailed him a copy too. If his Grandfather is one of the others that'd be super.

Chris Green

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Supt. A.Bonser attends Arthur Sysons funeral Wynne Shield and saluted on pay day
Creswell Colliery Disaster
Between 1911-'28, additional rescue stations were opened
Ilkeston,Mansfield,Chesterfield and Ashby linked by radio Markham Pit disaster 30th July 1973.
Ilkeston was an exact duplicate of the Chesterfield station.
Ernest JamesI had 3 months training at the Mines Rescue Station before passing for the position.

Clifford Raven
28 January 2012
Any Information - Chesterfield Mines Rescue Man, John Perry

Please have you any information on this news cutting. I am doing some family History and this was given to me. I am particularly looking for John Perry. Any idea of when this happened maybe from the style of uniform. Maybe that shield can lead to something.

I would be pleased to recieve any contacts that this story brings up. I am a Londoner living here, but it was my mothers families of Hawksley and Perry that were pit colliers. My grandfather George Hawksley was in the pit age ten years old in 1871 at South Wingfield area, until he got a job at Silverhill in Skegby Sutton-in-Ashfield Notts 1900, later becoming a pit Deputy he stopped working in the later 1920's and lived to be 91 dying in 1952.

Thank you again for the help

I am yours

Clifford Raven

It was the Bilsthorpe Disaster, 26th July, 1934.

Those who died

The Incident

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Ernest James