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The Meco-Moore
The Machine That Will Revolutionise The Mining Industry - Page 1

Philip Wyles

The Meco-Moore! The machine that will revolutionise the mining industry. The machine of which Mr. Shinwell said: "It keeps me awake at night thinking of its wonders."

The Meco-Moore cuts and loads coal in one operation. Some machines are already in the pits many more are in production. The full title of this miner’s dreams come true is the A.B.Meco-Moore cutter loader. It was invented by Mr Matthew S Moore, sixty-one-year-old consulting mining engineer. He thought of it 16 years ago, but had a long fight before he could get his idea accepted.

For two years he worked in secret at his home in Malvern.   When his designs were complete he approached the Mining Engineering Company, Worcester who at once decided to back him. This company now builds the plant although components come from as far away as Motherwell. Last year Mr. Moore’s patent expired, but the High Court took the unusual step of prolonging it for ten years because if it’s exceptional merit. So flat are the walls of workings after the machine has cut then that a Scotsman who saw the operation for the first time exclaimed: “Wad ye no like tae paper it?”

COAL presents a complete picture of the machine from drawing board to the coal-face. This is the first of a series of articles to appear in this magazine featuring the new mechanical resources which are on the way to help the men in the pits.

For many years continuing efforts by mining engineers had been directed towards the development of a machine capable of cutting and loading coal simultaneously, to eliminate blasting and hand-loading operations at the coal-face. The Meco-Moor cutter loader is a combination of two machines: a mechanical coal-cutter and a mechanically operated loader.


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