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Royal Air Force - Fauld Disaster

The RAF wanted all Rescue personnel to receive a medal, but Mines Rescue were not allowed medals or any sort of gift, so the RAF gave a plaque which showed the RAF crest, with the mens names in gold. This plaque was in the main entrance of Ashby's Mines Rescue Station.

Mansfield Corps
Team Leader

Francis Fredrick Bates

Cyril Walter Blant
Edward Cooke
Thomas Farnsworth
Harry Wilcock

Ilkeston Corps
Team Leader

Donald Gordon Roberts

Harry Astle
Leslie Calladine
William Arthur Clark
Leslie Charles Havill

Air Ministry, London.

Sir 1st May 1945

I am commanded by the AIR COUNCIL to say that it gives them much pleasure to put on permanent record their high appreciation of the gallantry shown by the two TEAMS sent by the NORTH MIDLAND COAL OWNERS COMPANY on the occasion of the explosion which occurred at the Royal Air Force storage depot at FAULD on 27th November 1944.

The explosion was unprecedented in character and magnitude and gave rise at once to highly dangerous conditions throughout the passages and the recesses of the storage mine. It was essential to penetrate and explore the mine with the least possible delay, partly in the belief that the lives of workers cut off by the explosion could still be saved, and partly in order to control the dangerous physical conditions and guard against further explosion.

Your teams from Mansfield and Ilkeston, together with rescue teams from other areas, took part in the systematic and continuous exploration of the mine which was continued for some twenty four hours. The Leaders of these two teams were awarded a Commendation by His Majesty the King; partly for leadership and partly in token of the gallantry of the individual members of each team under their Leader's direction.

Subjoined is a list of the Leaders and team members who entered the danger area of the mine wearing full rescue and breathing apparatus.-

2. Commended for bravery

3. Letter from Air Ministry

4. The enclosed badge is issued by command of the king