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When I started at Hucknall in 1976 I was told I had a job for life
Ian Morrison
(Unfortunately memorial below is No1)
Nottinghamshire NUM Ex & Retired Miners Association

Ian Morrison worked at Hucknall No 2 colliery up until it closed in 1986.

He is now heavily involved in the Nottinghamshire NUM Ex & Retired Miners Association

When I get a spare hour or two, I shall send you some technical, geological, and background  data and underground plans of Hucknall, Linby and Babbington collieries.

Annesley did indeed have 20 years plus coal reserves, all of the mines in the Leen Valley in the blackshale seam could have kept going east into Lincolnshire, where there are vast reserves.

When I started at Hucknall in 1976 I was told I had a job for life, the reserves were proven  there is also a seam below the blackshale called the Ashgate seam, which to my knowledge has only been worked  west of Chesterfield.

This banner was presented to the Hucknall mining community on 11 th April 1987 at Nightingale Hall by the Nottingham University Work Place Branch Labour Party and others, to commemorate the struggle and suffering of the miners and their families in the Great Strike of 1984-85.

Those at the presentation included – delegates from the USA, UK and USSR attending an international trade union seminar; local friends and supporters from the Labour movement; the artists; and members of the mining community.



Artisit Paul Waplington
Sewing by Stephanie Record

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Barnsley Gala 1986.

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