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Thanks Ilona for brining these to my attention - Fionn


Ironbridge Power Station, Shropshire, cooling towers brought down

BBC - A former power station's cooling towers have been demolished in a series of controlled explosions. Hundreds gathered to see the four towers at Ironbridge, in Shropshire, be blown up on 6 Dec 2019 at 11:00 GMT. When it opened in 1969, the power station was one of the largest of its kind in the UK, producing enough electricity for the equivalent of about 750,000 homes. It stopped producing in 2015 and will ultimately make way for about 1,000 homes, a school, shops and other infrastructure.

Holborn Viaduct Power Station, 12 January 1882, named the Edison Electric Light Station, was the world's first coal-fired power station, generating electricity for public use. It was built at number 57, Holborn Viaduct in London, by Thomas Edison's Edison Electric Light Company. Having run at a significant loss the station closed in September 1886, and the lamps were converted back to gas.

Littlebrook Power Station

Littlebrook Power Station: Towering chimney demolished

Thanks Ilona for brining these to my attention - Fionn

BBC Littlebrook Power Station: Towering chimney demolished Hundreds of people watched the moment a towering chimney of a former power station turned into a cloud of smoke. The landmark in Dartford, Kent, collapsed after a "powerful boom" from a controlled explosion at about 08:00 GMT as part of a demolition project. Littlebrook Power Station was situated next to the Queen Elizabeth II Bridge and the Dartford Tunnel. Phil Church, who captured the explosion on film, said: "You could feel the blast from across the river." 15 Dec 2019


Fiddlers Ferry – 1971 – (One unit closed 2019)


Drakelow A – 1955 – 1984
Drakelow B – 1960 – 1993
Drakelow C – 1964 – 2003
Willington A – 1957 – 1994
Willington B – 1969 - 1999


Littlebrook D – 1976 – 2019


Castle Donnington - 1968 - 1995


Keadby – 1952 – 1984


Corby - 1994 - (Gas Fired)


Cottam – 1969 – 2019
Cottam – 1998 – (Gas Fired)
High Marnham, Oct 1962 – 2003. It was the largest in Europe fed by 17 collieries.
Ratcliffe on Soar – 1968 – (To close 2025)
Staythorpe A – 1950 -1983
Staythorpe B – 1962 – 1994
West Burton A – 1968 – (To close 2023)
Wilford – 1925 – 1981


Didcot Power Station

Guardian Video

Thanks Ilona for brining these to my attention - Fionn

The Guardian - Sun 18 Aug 2019 - The three remaining cooling towers at the disused Didcot A power station in Oxfordshire were demolished on Sunday morning. Minutes after the demolition, thousands of people in the area said they suffered a temporary loss of power. Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks initially denied the demolition was to blame, but said later the two were 'probably linked' to Didcot power station: homes without electricity after towers demolished.



BBC - The final part of Didcot coal-fired power station has been demolished, nearly seven years after it closed for good. The 655ft (199.5m) chimney, one of the tallest structures in the country, was brought down at 07:30 GMT on Sunday. It comes after the power station's six cooling towers were demolished in two stages, in 2014 and August last year. In 2016, four workers died when its 10-storey boiler house collapsed as it was being prepared for demolition. Workers Ken Cresswell, 57, John Shaw, 61, Michael Collings, 53, and Christopher Huxtable, 34 were killed in the disaster. It took more than six months for their bodies to be recovered from the Oxfordshire site.

  • 1964 - Building starts
  • 1970 - Didcot A begins commercial operation
  • 1994 - Construction starts on Didcot B, a gas fired station
  • 1997 - Didcot B begins commercial operation
  • 2003 - Voted Britain's third worst eyesore
  • 2009 - Protesters climb chimney and stay there for two days
  • March 2013 - Didcot A closed
  • July 2014 - Three of its cooling towers are demolished
  • February 2016 - A major incident is declared after the boiler house collapses, and the body of worker Michael Collings is found
  • July 2016 - The remaining section of the boiler house is brought down using explosives
  • September 2016 - The bodies of Ken Cresswell, John Shaw, and Christopher Huxtable are recovered
  • December 2017 - An evidence file is passed to the Crown Prosecution Service by police
  • January 2018 - Thames Valley Police reveals it is considering manslaughter and gross negligence charges
  • August 2019 - Three remaining cooling towers are demolished
  • January 2020 - RWE announces it will demolish chimney after originally saying it would be brought down in the autumn


Ironbridge A – 1932 – 1981
Ironbridge B – 1969 – 2015. Towers demolished 6 Dec 2019


Meaford A – 1948 – 1974
Meaford B – 1957 – 1990
Rugeley A – 1961 – 1995
Rugeley B – 1972– 2016


Drax - 1987 - (To close in 2023)




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