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The Decline Of The Industry Continued
After Nationalisation 1947


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1967 - Page 2

NCB Reorganised Again

From 1st April 1967 the NCB was reorganised once again, but this time drastically.

The existing 5-tier system of management was reduced to 3, by the removal of Divisional HQs and Group offices.

38 Areas in the country were reduced to 17 large ones. Each Area was to employ around 20,000 men each and production was to increase by 1971. The NCB Chairman Alf Robens had stated that productivity was to increase by 70% but with a reduced workforce.

The East Midlands Divisional HQ at Sherwood Lodge was closed and some of the staff were reallocated back to Area level.

At this time the Areas were renamed

  • North Nottinghamshire Area with HQ at Edwinstowe
  • South Nottinghamshire Area with HQ at Bestwood
  • North Derbyshire Area with HQ at Bolsover
  • South Midlands Area with HQ at Coleorton were formed.

The concept of management by objectives enabled responsibilities to be more clearly defined.
Further new titles were introduced.

  • Area General Manager became Area Director
  • Group Managers now based at Area HQ became Production Managers.

Some collieries were assigned to other Areas.

  • Pleasley was transferred from old No4 Area to North Derbyshire
  • Shirebrook (a Derbyshire colliery) and Warsop (a Nottinghamshire colliery) were transferred to North Derbyshire from old No3 Area
  • Creswell (a Derbyshire colliery) from the old No1 Area was transferred to North Nottinghamshire Area.

The staff at the respective collieries were transferred en bloc and generally found that they had to learn different routines to what they were used to.

  • North Derbyshire had 26 pits
  • North Nottinghamshire 15 pits
  • South Nottinghamshire Area 17 pits.
  • There were 15 pits in South Derbyshire and Leicestershire.

Wilfred Miron remained as Chairman for the East Midlands Division. He had succeeded Reg (Rex) Ringham (760) in 1964.

There were two Road Transport depots, one situated at the old South Normanton colliery site and one at Thoresby Colliery site.

Medical Centres were located at Mansfield Woodhouse Mines Rescue Station and near Babbington Colliery.
The Regional Laboratory was located on the High Street, Mansfield Woodhouse.

There was an Engineering Training Centre at Sherwood Colliery site.


Area Geologists were now required to be qualified by having a BSc in geology.

  • Stan Brunskill (Surveyors cert) previously Geologist at No4 Area Huthwaite was transferred to North Nottinghamshire Area, Edwinstowe in charge of boring, with Maurice Lamb ex No4 borer and existing Bore master Eddie Gray of No3 Area.
  • Ken Brettell bore master, went to South Nottinghamshire Area.
  • Barrie Tideswell (Surveyors cert) assistant to Stan Brunskill went to North Derbyshire Area, Bolsover in a similar job.
  • John Chilton (Surveyors cert) (ex Assistant Surveyor Welbeck then Ollerton and No4 Area Assistant Geologist was previously Geologist at No5 Area HQ, Eastwood).
  • Peter Strauss was Geologist for North Derbyshire Area.
  • Dick Elliott was Regional Geologist.

Colliery Codes Introduced

Codes were introduced for collieries e.g. Ollerton was 12 / 09, which denoted that the colliery was 9th in alphabetical order (1st being Edwinstowe HQ) in the 12th Area in the country. Note the list.

North Derbyshire Area: 21 pits, 22,274 men, 12.9m tonnes, 2.60 tonnes OMS,

  • P Cliff Parry (4149) Area Director (1967-70).
  • Deputy Robert B Dunn (previously Deputy Area Production Manager Scotland No1 West Fife and Production Manager Central Area)
  • Chief Mining Engineer Tom W Peters (4482) (ex South Midlands)
  • Deputies Des Marriott (5671)
  • John W Atkinson
  • Production Managers Arthur W Baddeley (2543), Jack W Smalley (3722), Des Stringer (5143), Len E Fletcher (3059), Bas G Wright (5160), P Julian Griffiths (5676).

Area Surveyor:

  • Norman Smedley (2…), transferred from Area Surveyor South Wales (previously Group Surveyor South Wales and prior to that Surveyor Pleasley colliery -1954)
  • Reg Butler (1954) was Assistant Area Chief.

Alfreton: 489 Blackshale, Three Quarter and Yard, 151 s/f

  • Manager Joe A Rodgers (4226)
  • Undermanager: Jack F Dodd (4495).

Arkwright: 619 First Waterloo, 2nd Waterloo, Tupton, 153 s/f

  • Manager: Frank Rimmer (3649)
  • Undermanager: G Jack Wood (5274).

Blackwell A Winning: 819 Blackshale, Yard, 204 s/f

  • Manager Eric Sellars (3000)
  • Undermanagers: William E Evans (8611) and E Cliff Glover (3094).

Bolsover: 773 Deep Hard, 212 s/f

  • Manager: Charlie Hazelhurst (4443)
  • Undermanager: Wally Higginbottom (4816).

Denby Drury Lowe: 591 Alton, Belper Lawn, 165 s/f

Denby Hall: 698 Kilburn, Piper, 222 s/f

Glapwell No1 and No3: 1,721 Clowne, Deep Hard, Low Main, 446 s/f

  • Managers: Bramley Vale and No3: Derek Noble (5922)
  • Undermanagers: Jim Ferreday (7684), Sam A Mather (9140).
  • Glapwell No3: Jim B Wallace (8061), F Tebbs (7890).

High Moor Drift: 191 Clowne, 22 s/f

  • Manager: Albert Wheeler (7349) (transferred to Westthorpe),
  • Manager: Joe A Rodgers (4226)
  • Undermanager: Dennis A Brain (6055).

Holmewood: 938 Tupton, Three Quarter, and Deep Hard, 319 s/f

  • Manager: ER (Teddy) Maiden (5341), (transferred from Pleasley),
  • Deputy Manager: Fred Oldfield (4397),
  • Undermanagers: Harold Smedley (5356), S Wood (2nd).

Ireland: 690 Deep Hard, 183 s/f

  • Manager AF (Tony) Deakin (7903) (transferred to Pleasley)
  • Undermanager: Stan W Hunt (6092).

Langwith: 983 Clowne, Main Bright, 260 s/f.

  • Manager: H David Saywood (4701)
  • Deputy Manager: Jim Clark (6986)
  • Undermanager: Don Hunt (4595).

Markham No1: 635 Blackshale, Threequarters, 164 s/f.

  • Manager: Richard S Webb (5449)
  • Assistant Manager: JH Eric Dobb (4407)
  • Undermanager: Rob L Tighe (4871).

Markham No2: 657 Deep Soft, Ell, 201 s/f.

  • Manager: Len Harris (7388)
  • Undermanager: Frank G Hicken (7868).

Markham No4: 559 Threequarter, Deep Hard, 1st Piper, 153 s/f.

  • Manager: A Russell Dove (4719),
  • Undermanager: C Arnold Heeley (7692).

Ormonde: 921 Silkstone, Low Main, 295 s/f

  • Agent/Manager: Ronnie CH Hamilton (4441)
  • Deputy Manager: William Ball (8021)
  • Undermanagers: John F Brass (8587), Ron Bradford (7670).

Oxcroft: 633 Clowne, 153 s/f

  • Manager: Jim Rodgers (6218)
  • Undermanager W W (Bill) Bryan (8590).

Pleasley: 984 Waterloo, Piper, 226 s/f

  • Agent/Manager: ER (Teddy) Maiden (5341) (transferred to Holmewood)
  • Agent/Manager: AF (Tony) Deakin (7903) (transferred from Ireland)
  • Deputy Manager: Ben H Beevers (5551)
  • Undermanagers: Charlie Hall (2nd), Don K Eaton (6197).

Renishaw Park: 445 Chavery, 98 s/f

  • Manager: John B Howarth (5939)
  • Undermanager: Keith J Otter (8932).

Shirebrook: 1,223 Deep Soft, Main Hard, 339 s/f

  • Agent/Manager: Charlie Hawksley (4442)
  • Deputy Manger: William (Bill) Bridge (6973)
  • Undermanagers: A Eddie Boulton (6970), H Williamson (2nd)

Swanwick: 696 Blackshale, Yard, 187 s/f

Warsop: 1,180 High Hazel, Main Bright, 301 s/f

  • Agent/Manager: Alan Hird (5328)
  • Deputy Manager: Jack Winfield (5720)
  • Undermanagers: Fred Tyldesley (6778), Jim McGuigan (5695).

Westthorpe: 832 Flockton, Thorncliffe, 199 s/f

  • Manager: Albert Wheeler (7349)
  • Deputy Manager: G Bradshaw (2nd)
  • Undermanager: Geo K Bright (7480).

Whitwell: 1,017 High Hazel, 215 s/f

  • Manager: Harry Wright (3911)
  • Undermanagers: John Joe Mason (8927) (later transferred to Rossington), Alan F Bowmer (6054).

Williamthorpe: 1,617 2nd Ell, Deep Soft, 38 s/f

  • Agent/Manager: B Geo Stepney (5631)
  • Deputy Manager: Derek W Kirby (5423)
  • Undermanagers: Arnold Vardy (7891), Richard Smith (8190).

Markham No1, No2 and No4 pits were merged under one Manager, as were Williamthorpe and
Grassmoor. Also in July 1967 Glapwell and Bramley Vale drift mines were merged under one Manager, John E Hancock (6205).




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