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The Continued Rise Of The Industry
To 1913


1900 - Page 1


The Exposition Universelle of 1900 was a World's Fair held in Paris, France, from 15 April to 12 November 1900
to celebrate the achievements of the past century and to accelerate development into the next (Wikipedia)

- Meanwhile Back To Reality -

Coal Leading


The photo, above, shows a typical scene of coal leading at the turn of the century and, to the right, a coal higgler (seller) sits by. He was a person who would haggle over the price of the coal with the seller and also haggle over the price of the coal with the buyer.


In 1900 at Newcastle colliery, (Nottinghamshire), Seely and Co agreed to pay for ‘wallowing’ and to undertake all ‘back ripping’, which had previously been the responsibility of the contractor.

Days Worked

The average number of days worked in the year in Derbyshire was 279½ and 267½ in Nottinghamshire.

Company Founded

Hardwick Colliery Co was founded with three pits at Holmewood near Heath. The colliery was sometimes referred to as Hardwick colliery. It became a limited company on 20th November 1900. Charles Rennie Morgan was Manager up to 1899 and Fred Chambers (503) (no relation to John Chambers) Manager from 1900-1934.

Morgan was not a good Manager as told by JG Metcalf who joined the Company as an Office boy rising to be Company Secretary and finally a Director.

Under the terms of the lease from Mrs Hunloke the Company was compelled to sink shafts to the Blackshale to establish a first class colliery by the year 1907. New shafts were sunk above existing roadways driven in Blackshale seam and both shafts thirled spot on to the centre of each, a credit to the Surveyor who had to carry out precise surveys on the surface and underground 3 times to arrive at a satisfactory result. The new colliery would be called Williamthorpe (see 1905).

Old Pits

To the east and northeast lay many old shafts between Stainsby and Heath. About one mile away to the northwest was Lings colliery.

  • At North Wingfield old named closed pits were Clay Cross No4, Ankerbold, Pewit, Wingfield Lane,
    Pudder Vardys, North Wingfield, Hillyfields and Alma pits.
  • Old closed pits at Bramley included Sandy Dale, Bramley Moor, Lightwood, Havenhand’s, Statons,
    s, Chandler and Hudson, Bramley and Bramley Hall
  • Barrowhill old pits known by name included: Waterloo (Campbell), Dukes New colliery, to the west Staveley and Whittington, and to the northwest Sweetwell, Hopewell, New Hollingwood (or Hartington or Farewell).

Sinkings 1900

  • Brampton (The Honourable Mrs Hunloke) Threequarter seam
  • Manton (Wigan Coal and Iron Co) sinking continued
  • Radford was sunk from 1898-1900 (Wollaton Colliery Co) - previous mines existed in the area. The Midland Railway laid a branch to the mine
  • Babbington (Thomas North) Sinking was begun at the No5 shaft and at Williamthorpe (Hardwick Coal Co) preparations for sinking in October. The Oxcroft Colliery Co was founded with a capital sum of £40,000 and sinking started at Oxcroft colliery
  • Gedling (Digby Coal Co) sinking continued
  • Railway (Butterley Co) Marehay, Blackshale at 212 yards (193.75m)
  • St Johns (Staveley Silkstone Colliery Co) sank deeper to Yard seam at 66 yards (60m), but was not to last
  • Shaw Wood (Capt Miles Halton Tristram) South Wingfield, Tupton start Apr 1900, dip 1in9.

Portland Pits

Portland No1 shaft was filled during 1900 and then widened out from 8 to 12 feet (2.43m to 3.65m) diameter. A new chimney at 100 feet (30m) high was built and 3 Galloway boilers installed and a new 22 feet (7m) diameter steam driven fan installed at No2 shaft.

Also 2 dynamos of 40Kw at 250 volts DC were installed. At the No4 pit a large direct driven beam engine raised the one deck cage containing one tram of coal. A water barrel was attached to the base of the chair. Steam pipes down the shaft supplied power to an underground endless haulage. A steam fan at this shaft had replaced the underground furnace but had proved to be of insufficient capability. The No6 and 7 shafts were abandoned sometime in the 1890s but coal turning had finished by 1878, (Butterley Co). All the coal was hauled up the incline to the brow near to Portland Row along the waggonway then gravitated down to Jacksdale.

(In 2008-2009 parts of the route of the waggonway were excavated along with some of the old Jacksdale wharf by the canal. The project called the ‘Portland Path’ is designed to highlight and remember the past and protect parts of it for future generations.

A large grant from the Lottery Fund was received. I was a member of the project committee for a couple of years however due to domestic problems I had to resign in February 2011. A mural of the project was fastened to the public house wall in 2012 but was stolen shortly afterwards).

Lount colliery was re-opened by John Smith and Co.

Derbyshire Collieries Working in 1900

With owner, depths, seams, and manpower underground and surface, Manager, Undermanager:

  • Albert (Derbyshire Silkstone Coal Co) 163 yards (149m), Silkstone, Manager George Daykin, Undermanager H Beardshall
  • Alderwasley (Alsop and Eley) First coal, 10/1, Manager AB Alsop (680)
  • Alfreton, (Blackwell Colliery Co) 151 yards (138m), Deep Soft 269/104, Deep Hard 126/13, Manager Jeremiah Rhodes (720), Undermanager GB Ball (1343 / 2nd)
  • All Pits (John Blair and Sons) Calow, Silkstone, 6/3, Undermanager Henry Blair (2nd)
  • Alma 1, (Mrs E Turner) 87 yards (80m), Waterloo 50, Manager for all JW Richardson (3307), Undermanager William Barlow (2nd), Alma 2, 287 yards (262m) Deep Hard 135, Undermanager Samuel Day (2nd), Alma 3, 407 yards (372m) Tupton 82, Undermanager George Knowles (811 service cert), Alma 4, 347 yards (317m), Deep Soft 94, total surface 110, Undermanager George Knowles (811 s)
  • Avenue 9, (Clay Cross Iron and Coal Co) 75 yards (69m) Tupton, Silkstone, 367/99, Manager George Wharton (426), Undermanager A Hunter (939 / 2nd)
  • Avenue 11 (Clay Cross Iron and Coal Co) Deep Soft 92/7, Undermanager G Davison (3255 / 2nd)
  • Bailey Brook (The Butterley Co) 130 yards (119m), Deep Soft, Deep Hard, Tupton 277/77, Manager Humphrey R Watson (2333), Undermanager William Hogg (990 s)
  • Barlborough 1,2, (Staveley Coal and Iron Co) 276 yards (252m) Top Hard 709/92, Manager John Eaton (1287), Undermanager James Day (1284 / 1st)
  • Beard and Bugsworth (Levi and Elijah Hall) Furness Vale, Mountain 39/9 Manager LJ Hall (1457), Undermanager George Pearson (2894)
  • Birch Vale (John Bennett and Sons) New Mills, Mountain, 31/4, Manager George Wayne (1591)
  • Birley East (Sheffield Coal Co) Manager George Bradford (2230), 253 yards (231m) Deep Hard and Silkstone 958/156, Undermanager WJ Gray (1355)
  • Birley South 500 yards (457m) Deep Hard and Silkstone 124, Undermanager H Blackburn (1994)
  • Birley West 135 yards (123m) 587/294, Undermanager HD Gould (2001)
  • Blackwell A Winning (Blackwell Colliery Co) Manager JW Cutts (496), 180 and 237 yards (165m and 217m) Tupton 354/40, Undermanager Enock Jones (2006), Deep Hard 363/142, Undermanager C Wilders (1645)
  • Blackwell B Winning (Blackwell Colliery Co) Manager JW Cutts (496), 228 and 287 yards (208m and 262m) Deep Hard 215/31, Tupton 220/65, Undermanager Aaron Booth (764)
  • Bole Hill (JH Fletcher) Barlow, Silkstone, 4/1, Manager EDC Everson (1294)
  • Bolsover (Bolsover Colliery Co) 365 yards (333.7m) Top Hard 921/239, Manager John Bingley (1106), Undermanager John Soar (148)
  • Bonds Main (Staveley Coal and Iron Co) Temple Normanton, Silkstone 250 /75, Manager EE Booker (2312), Undermanager E Moxon (1920)
  • Boythorpe 1 and 2 (Boythorpe Colliery Co) Chesterfield, 72 and 122 yards (66m and 112m) Tupton, Ashgate and Silkstone 283/71, Manager Jacob Pearce (150), Undermanager F Windle (1462)
  • Brampton (James Pearson) Chesterfield, Tupton Threequarters 70/10, Manager TD Croudace (639 service), Undermanager W Holland (1469)
  • Brands (The Butterley Co) Butterley Park, 183 and 186 yards (167m and 170m) Deep Soft, Deep Hard 146/43, Manager George Lamb (73), Undermanager Thomas Tagg (300 s)
  • Bretby 1 and 2 (Earl of Carnarvon) Burton-on-Trent, Eureka, Stanhope, Woodfield and Nether, 334/111, Manager William Belfitt (711), Undermanager John Belfitt (270 s)
  • Brimington (SM Lancaster) Chesterfield, Silkstone stood, Manager SM Lancaster (no cert)
  • Britain (The Butterley Co) Butterley Park, 180 and 240 yards (165m and 220m) Deep Soft and Tupton 238/51, Manager George Lamb (73), Undermanager John Henshaw (979 s)
  • Bull Bridge (William Eaton) Ambergate, Norton, 5/1, Undermanager F Berrisford (no cert)
  • Bull Close (ED Fawcett) Unstone, Silkstone, 10/4, Manager WH Rangeley (2109), Undermanager Henry Blair (2281)
  • Burnd Edge No3 and 4 (Ollersett Collieries Co) Birch Vale, Mountain seam stood, Manager James Ramsbottom (2211), Undermanager James Burdekin (1935)
  • Butterley Park 5, (The Butterley Co) 153 and 172 yards (140m and 157m), Deep Soft 106/19, Manager George Lamb (73), Undermanager Thomas Brown (974 s)
  • Cadley Hill 1,2,3 (Halls Collieries Ltd) Swadlincote, Little Woodfield, Main, Woodfield, Stockings, Eureka, Stanhope, 306/60, Manager SE Thomas (1290), Undermanager Noah Slade (1437)
  • California (Thomas Pope) Killamarsh, High Hazels stood
  • Calley (Butterley Co) 131 yards (120m) ?
  • Calow (Staveley Coal and Iron Co) Silkstone 34/21, Manager EE Booker (2312), Undermanager T Blunt (2322)
  • Cartwright (Cartwright Colliery co) Swadlincote, Little Woodfield, Stockings, Eureka, 75/23, Manager J Ford (148), Undermanager James Berry (3279)
  • Church (John Sheard) Heanor, Coombe 20/7, Undermanager W Shaw (3270)
  • Church Gresley 1 and 2 (Moira Colliery Co) Burton-on-Trent, Little, Main, Eureka, Stockings, 214 and 486/168, Manager Peter Beaumont (838), Undermanagers John Kirk Senior (702) and John Kirk Junior (2861)
  • Clay Cross 2, (Clay Cross Iron and Coal Co) 100 yards (91m), Tupton 324/163, Manager FA Blackburne (579), Undermanager William Bloor (725)
  • Clay Cross 3, 67 yards (61m) Deep Hard, Tupton, Silkstone 152/18, Undermanager G Millward (428 / 1st)
  • Clay Cross 4, Manager George Wharton (426), Undermanager Tupton 195/45, Henry Claytor (773)
  • Cobnar Wood (Sheepbridge Coal and Iron Co) Barlow, Deep Hard 18/3, Manager JF Lee (867), Undermanager John Windle (1117)
  • Coppice 1, (EM Mundy then Shipley Colliery Co) 204 yards (186m) Deep Soft, Deep Hard 931/127, Manager GH Ashwin (1930), Undermanagers Joseph Hodges (2396 / 1st) and JA Hodges (820 / 1st)
  • Coppice 2 Waterloo 153/8
  • Cotes Park 1,2, (James Oakes and Co) Alfreton, 155 yards (142m) Deep Soft, Deep Hard 164/50, Manager James HW Laverick (2354), Undermanager Alfred Naylor (657 / 1st)
  • Cotes Park 3, Tupton, Silkstone 182/52
  • Creswell (Bolsover Colliery Co) 445 yards (407m), Top Hard 1076/209, Manager Samuel Evans (1430), Undermanager JG Linneker (522 / 1st)
  • Cutthorpe (H Waller) Chesterfield, Ashgate 2/1 old shaft 4 yards (3.5m) and 4 Air holes
  • Dale Abbey drift (Stanton Iron Co) Stanton Gate, Kilburn 94/35, Manager J Harvey (1297)
  • Denby (W Drury Lowe) 313 yards (286m) Kilburn 380/97, Manager Mark Fryar (1231), Undermanager A Bell (528)
  • Denby Hall (The Butterley Co) 366 yards (335m) Kilburn 176/37, Manager Samuel Allsop (418), Undermanager W Mellors (2857)
  • Diminsdale New 54 and 60 yards (50m and 55m), Dunsil
  • Dronfield Silkstone (Dronfield Colliery Ltd) 450 yards (411m) drift 40/9, Undermanager Henry Burgin (1938)
  • Field House (Jos Marriott) Brampton, Tupton Threequarters stood, Undermanager T Wilson (no cert)
  • Forty Horse (The Butterley Co) 139 yards (127m)
  • Glapwell (Sheepbridge Coal and Iron Co) 290 yards (265m) Top Hard 828/239, Manager JF Lee (867), Undermanager F Haywood (1109)
  • Glebe, (William Redfern) Barlborough, Clowne stood, Undermanager E Tingle (no cert)
  • Gosforth (John Sheard and Co) Dronfield, Silkstone 114/45, Manager John Morte (537), Undermanager John Mosley (1479 s)
  • Granville 1 and 2 (Granville Colliery Co) Swadlincote, Manager George S Bragge (683), Block, Little, Cannel, 181/22, Undermanager JC Burdett (991 / 1st)and 204/59 Undermanager Simeon Buxton (2212 / 1st)
  • Grasscroft (William Jackson) Unstone, Silkstone 11/6, Manager William Jackson (no cert)
  • Grassmoor 1, (Grassmoor Colliery Co) Chesterfield, Manager TD Atkinson (1929), 202 yards (185m) Piper 433, Undermanager Isaac Hartshorn (783)
    No2, 268 yards (245m) Deep Hard, Tupton 591, Undermanager Paul Wheatcroft (385)
    No3, 374 yards (342m) Ell 142, Undermanager Joseph Godber (320)
    No4, 316 yards (289m) Silkstone 561, Undermanager Arthur Saxton (743)
    No5, 434 yards (397m) Deep Hard 163, Undermanager J Wheeldon (386)
    No6, 37 yards (34m) Top Hard 24, Undermanager William Cowley (?) total surface labour 704
  • Grassmoor No8 sinking 40/8
  • Gun Lane Heage, (Bent Bros and Lilly) Norton 11/3, Manager Samuel Alsop (432), Undermanager J Newton (805 / 1st)
  • Hady (William Bramley) Chesterfield, sinking 2/3
  • Hartington 1 and 2 (Staveley Coal and Iron Co) Staveley, Manager P Baker (682), 389 yards (355.7m),
    Cannel 240/32, Undermanager Charles Parker (357), Silkstone 177/35
  • Hartshay (The Butterley Co) 95 yards (87m) Deep Soft, Deep Hard 121/34, Manager Samuel Allsop (418), Undermanager Henry Bailey (981 s)
  • Heage (Robert Hunt) Kilburn 2/nil
  • Highfield 1 and 2 (Theophilus Pearson and Co) Sheepbridge, Deep Hard 38/5, Manager J Pearson (3221), Undermanager Matthew Coupe, Silkstone 22/5
  • High Lane (Andrew Vardy Exors) Ridgeway, Silkstone, 8/3, Undermanager J Sharpe
  • Holbrook 1,4, (J and G Wells) Eckington, 200 yards (183m) Deep Hard 635/158, Manager Fred Hardwick (2277), Undermanager GK Hewitt (282 s)
  • Hollingwood 82 yards (75m)
  • Holmewood 2, (Hardwick Coal Co) 393 yards and 449 yards (359m and 410m) Tupton 439/78, Manager Fred Chambers (503), Undermanager George H Marshall (3265)
    No3 Silkstone 439/142, Undermanager Thos N Limb (1361)
  • Hornthorpe (J and G Wells) Eckington, 218 yards (199m) Silkstone 484/110, Manager S Mellors (1118), Undermanager George Goodall (1480 s)
  • Horsley (Horsley Kilburn Colliery Co) Kilburn 28/5, Undermanager John Hall (2003)
  • Ireland (Staveley Coal and Iron Co) Staveley, 364 yards (333m) Deep Soft 567/217, Manager R Cuthbertson (541), Undermanager T Richardson (821 / 1st)
  • Kilburn (Kilburn Colliery Co) 133 yards (122m), Manager H Tomlinson (?)
  • Langar Lane (Theophilus Pearson and Co) Chesterfield, Tupton 21/3, Manager J Pearson (3221), Undermanager R Hopkinson (no cert)
  • Langwith (Sheepbridge Coal and Iron Co) 545 yards (498m) Top Hard 892/235, Manager W Elliott (399), Undermanager John Noble (2687)
  • Lings 100 yards (91m)
  • Loscoe (The Butterley Co) 125 yards (114m) Deep Soft, Deep Hard 198/45, Manager Humphrey R Watson (2333), Undermanager Thomas Henshaw (330)
  • Manners (Manners Colliery Co) Ilkeston, 377 yards (345m) and 177 yards (162m) Kilburn 443/100, Tupton 62/13, Manager William E Walker (2043), Undermanager W Beckett (2892)
  • Mapperley (Mapperley Colliery Co) West Hallam, 150 & 410 yards (137m and 375m) Deep Hard (Deep Soft stood) 180, Kilburn 245/124, Manager George Spencer (1458), Undermanagers JM Herring (1105s) and A Clifford (2623)
  • Marehay 2, (Ford’s Ltd) Ripley, 216 yards (197m) Tupton 143/27, Manager Charles Lawton (326), Undermanager Charles Brown (957), No3 Kilburn 181/52
  • Markham 1,2, (Staveley Coal and Iron Co) 307 and 532 yards (281m and 486m) Top Hard 1020/145, Manager H Gregory (799), Undermanager William Bunting (839 / 1st)
  • Marriott Wood (John Gregory and Son) Millhouses, Coal and clay, 2/2
  • Marsh Lane (Chandler and Hudson) Silkstone 9/3, Undermanager R Hudson (no cert)
  • Mickley (H Walker) Dronfield Woodhouse, Silkstone 3/1, Undermanager H Walker (no cert)
  • Moor Hole (Sheffield Coal Co) Sheffield, 62 yards (57m) Deep Hard 21/3, Manager George Bradford (2230)
  • Moor Hole (Geo H Wells) Eckington, Deep Hard, 21/3, Undermanager A Middleton (no cert)
  • Morton 5, (Clay Cross Iron and Coal Co) 301 and 168 yards (275m and 153.5m) Tupton, Silkstone 273/148, Manager WH Mascall (810), Undermanager R Watkinson (643)
    No6 Deep Hard 248/140 Undermanager Philip Vardy (379)
  • New Langley (The Butterley Co) Deep Hard 93/19, Manager Humphrey R Watson (2333), Undermanager John Wood (1646)
  • New Riber (W Spooner) Chesterfield, Tupton Threequarters 59/5, Manager TD Croudace (639 service), Undermanager John Wheelhouse (no cert)
  • Nether Heage (Joseph Bowmer) Heage, Alton 3/2, Undermanager S Wainwright (no cert)
  • Nesfield 61 yards (56m)
  • North Wingfield 202 yards (185m)
  • Norwood (Sheepbridge Coal and Iron Co) Killamarsh, 166 yards (152m) Top Hard 396/64, Manager JW Tankard (413), Undermanager James Ward (806)
  • Nutbrook (EM Mundy then Shipley Colliery Co) Shipley, 216 yards (197m) Deep Soft stood, Manager GH Ashwin (1930), Undermanager Charles Sims (372)
  • Oakwell (Ilkeston Colliery Co) Ilkeston, Kilburn 409/115, Manager PM Chester (1338), Undermanager Charles Baker (722)
  • Old Birchwood (The Butterley Co) Alfreton, 223 yards (204m) Tupton, Silkstone 99/25, Manager Ben McLaren (1789), Undermanager A Wilbraham (389)
  • Owlcotes (Hardwick Coal Co) 61 yards (56m), Manager Charles R Morgan
  • Oxcroft (AB Markham MP) Bolsover, new sinking, Clowne 2/40, Manager W Humble (1299)
  • Park Hall (Park Coal Co) Spinkhill, Hazels 50/14, Manager T Seaman (1641)
  • Parkhouse No7, (Clay Cross Iron and Coal Co) Clay Cross, 176 yards (160m) Tupton 125, Silkstone 292/80, Manager WH Mascall (810), Undermanager A Heslington (731)
  • Peacock 46 yards (42m) (?)
  • Peawit 80 yards (73m)
  • Pentrich (WC Haslam) 165 and 94 yards (150m and 86m) Deep Hard, Tupton, Silkstone 169/52, Manager RHF Hepplewhite (1438), Undermanager E Leadbeater (2636)
  • Pilsley No1, (Pilsley Colliery Co) 146 yards (133.5m) Deep Hard 217/33, Manager Samuel Rayner (1372), Undermanager George Gittins (318)
    No2, 275 yards (251m) Silkstone 281/50
    No3, 217 yards (198m) Tupton 292/77
  • Pingot drift (Ollersett Collieries Co) Birch Vale, 216 yds (197m), Mountain, 41/5, Manager J Ramsbottom (2211), Undermanager James Burdekin (1935 s)
  • Pinxton No1 (Sleights), (Pinxton Coal Co) 113 yards (103m) Deep Hard 243/53, Manager Bernard Madew (2404), Undermanager W Ward (3884)
    No2, 247 yards (226m) Silkstone 252/62, Undermanager H Shacklock (1130)
    No3, 168 yards (154m) Tupton 168/30, stopped, re-started 1905-1910, but shaft kept open as air shaft and escape route, Undermanager Edward Johnson (336 s)
    No6, Deep Soft 199/62, Undermanager W Ward (3884)
  • Pleasley (Stanton Iron Co) 520 yards (475m) Top Hard 940/172, Manager G Alfred Longden (1603), Undermanager W Richardson (1114)
  • Plumbley (J and G Wells) Eckington, 66 yards Silkstone 113/20, Manager Henry Burgin (398), Undermanager RH Satterley (1640)
  • Railway (The Butterley Co) Ripley, 197 yards (180m) Tupton, Silkstone 38/10, Manager Samuel Allsop (418), Undermanager James Cresswell (1051)
  • Rectory (Heage Colliery Co) Heage, Kilburn 4/2, Manager D Wainwright (no cert)
  • Renishaw Park No1, (J and G Wells) Eckington, 224 yards (205m) Kilburn 321/125, Manager George William Dickinson (255), Undermanager W Fisher (1670)
    No2, 206 yards (188m) Kilburn 274/59, Undermanager John Briggs (1346)
    No3, 64 yards (58m) Deep Soft 118/20, Undermanager George Sargeson (369 s)
    No5, 266 yards (243m) Silkstone stood, Undermanager G Schofield (799)
  • Ripley 1,2, (The Butterley Co) 115, 138 and 194 yards (105m, 126m and 177m) Deep Soft, Deep Hard, Tupton 163/42, Manager Samuel Allsop (418), Undermanager Alfred Millhouse (978 s)
  • Rutland (Booker and Smith) Barlow, Tupton Threequarter 5/3
  • Ryefield (Denby Iron Co) Denby, Tupton 71/17, Manager CP Proctor (1371), Undermanager Robert Aldred (1472s)
  • St Johns (Staveley Silkstone Colliery Co) Staveley, 66 yards (60m) Yard 147/31, Manager George Rhodes (158), Undermanager WT Shipman (2963)
  • Salterwood (Denby Iron Co) Denby, Deep Hard, Tupton 199/37, Manager CP Proctor (1371), Undermanager Robert Aldred (1472)
  • Seymour (Staveley Coal and Iron Co) Staveley, 168 yards (154m) Top Hard 534/96, Manager Richard Woods (688), Undermanager RS Knight (340 s)
  • Shady Birchwood (Babbington Coal Co) Alfreton, 146 and 206 yards (133m and 188m) Tupton 192/40, Silkstone 234/51, Manager SC Wardell (506 service), Undermanagers Matthew Hayes (328 s)and William Powiss (362 s)
  • Shady Hall (John Mellor) Eckington, Silkstone 8/3, Manager J Mellor (no cert)
  • Shaw Wood (Aaron Hawkesley and Partner) Alfreton, Tupton 28/7, Undermanager A Hawkesley (392 s)
  • Sheepbridge (Sheepbridge Coal and Iron Co) 75 yards (69m), Manager JF Lee (867), Undermanager J Windle (?)
  • Shirebrook (Shirebrook Colliery Co) Top Hard 887/221, Manager J Walton (1261), Undermanager W Hudson (3290)
  • Shirland No1 (Blackwell Colliery Co) Silkstone 186/81, Manager Jeremiah Rhodes (720), Undermanager RM Rhodes (367 s)
    No2 Deep Hard 98/18
    No3 Tupton 33/6
  • Southgate (Shire Oaks Colliery Co) 300 yards (274m) Top Hard 420/110, Manager RE Jones (1927), Undermanager David Ashley (251 s)
  • South Normanton (South Normanton Colliery Co) Top Hard 75, Waterloo 117, Dunsil 98/18, Manager James Mein (2616), Undermanager George Bainbridge (2946)
  • South Wingfield (South Wingfield Colliery Co) Tupton, Silkstone 287/107, Manager Joseph Smith (658), Undermanager T Savage (370)
  • Springwood (Staveley Coal and Iron Co) Chesterfield, Ell seam 78/6, shafts 28 yards (25½m) and 31 yards (28m), Manager EE Booker (2312), Undermanager J Ward (1116), abandoned 6th July, connected to Bonds Main 127 yards (116m), Surveyor JA Verner
  • Stanley (Mapperley Colliery Co) West Hallam, Kilburn 250/49, Manager FM Brown (1135), Undermanager W Bramley (515)
  • Stanley (Derby Kilburn Colliery Co) and Stanley Top Drift (Derby Kilburn Colliery Co) Kilburn 150/50, Manager William H Sankey (2616), Undermanager JR Harvey (1297 / 1st)
  • Stanton No1,2, 168, Nos 3,4, (J and N Nadin) Swadlincote, Stockings, Woodfield stood, Eureka, Stanhope,
    Little stood, 198,149/146, Manager Robert Hay (1413), Undermanager Joseph Percival (359)
  • Streetfield (John Worrall) Eckington, Deep Hard 5/2, Undermanager John Buxton (no cert)
  • Stubley (JT Liddell and Co) sinking 6/7, Manager JJ Chetwynd
  • Swadlincote No1, 2 (Halls Collieries Ltd), Eureka, Stanhope, Little Woodfield, 290/70, Manager SE Thomas (1290), Undermanager T Wagstaffe (2015)
  • Swanwick Old (CP Morewood), Alfreton, 120 yards (110m) and 140 yards (128m) Waterloo 189/44, Manager JW Eardley (635), Undermanager Thos Whittle (1280 / 1st)
  • Swanwick Deep 295 yards (270m) Deep Soft 196/23, Deep Hard 90/18 Undermanager John Brentnall (297)
  • Temple Normanton 160 yards (146m)
  • Thatchmarsh (Buxton Lime Firms Co) Buxton, Mountain 8/2, Manager W Harvey (1136), Undermanager T Bagshaw (no cert)
  • Tibshelf No1, (Babbington Coal Co) 131 yards (120m) Tupton 340/89, Manager SC Wardell (506 service cert), Undermanager R Coupe (307)
    No2, 268 yards (245m) Deep Hard 263/76, Undermanager T Walters (381)
    No2, Silkstone 236/70, Undermanager George Rawson (366 s)
    No3, 388 yards (355m) Silkstone 285/66, Manager W Maurice (1466), Undermanager George Hill (1635)
    No4, Tupton 215/69, Undermanager H Maddison
  • Turnoak (Samuel Lowe and Sons) Chesterfield, Deep Hard 14/2, Undermanager John Oates (271)
  • Two Oaks (Luke Lee) Unstone, Deep Hard 7/1, Manager Luke Lee (no cert)
  • Waingroves (The Butterley Co) Ripley, 102 yards (93m) Deep Soft, Deep Hard 185/40, Manager Samuel Allsop (418), Undermanager Joseph Massey (983 s)
  • Wallsend (George Orwin) Chesterfield, Tupton Threequarters 29/3, Undermanager WR Orwin (419)
  • West Hallam No1, (West Hallam Colliery Co) Ilkeston, 114 yards (104m) Tupton 109/35, Manager Joseph Trueman (1333), Undermanager John Eaton (2613)
    No2, 368 yards (336m) Kilburn 389/92, Undermanager TH Johnson (3263)
    No4, 128 yards (117m) Deep Soft, Piper 46/22, Undermanager F Gregory (2952)
  • West Wells (J and Wells) Eckington, Silkstone, Manager Henry Burgin (398), Undermanager R Brewster (1749)
  • Whaley (Buxton Lime Firms Co) Whaley Bridge, Smithy, Mountain, 115/13, Manager W Harvey (1136), Undermanager John Andrews (1843)
  • Wheeldon Mill (SM Lancaster) Brimington, Piper stood, Undermanager SM Lancaster (no cert)
  • Whiteley (The Butterley Co) Ripley, Tupton 119/45, Manager Samuel Allsop (418), Undermanager James Cresswell (1051 s)
  • Whitwell (Shire Oaks Colliery Co) 319 yards (292m) Top Hard 399/83, Manager RE Jones (1927), Undermanager George Tristram (154 / 1st)
  • Woodside No1, (EM Mundy then Shipley Colliery Co) Deep Soft, Deep Hard 635/213, Manager GH Ashwin (1930), Undermanager Charles Sims (372)
    No2, Waterloo 287/30, Undermanager C Meadows (307 / 1st)
  • Woodville (GB Blakesley) Nether seam and clay 8/2, Undermanager M Pickering (no cert).

    (Total 147 pits)

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