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David Tattersfield - Request to use photo
Chris Berry - Ashby De La Zouch The Prelude to WW1 - Looking For Info, The North West Leicestershire Area Around 1914/15

David Tattersfield | Development Trustee | The Western Front Association
19 Sep 2014
Request to use photo
Dear Fionn
I am writing to seek your permission to use a photograph that appears on your web site. I am writing an article about men from Rotherham (many of whom worked in the coal mining industry) who were killed in the First World War. This article is likely to appear (in different forms) on the WFA's web site (see link below) and in the Association's in house magazine (circulation 6,000)
The photo in question is this one:

(captioned: A group of children were drawn to Waleswood Colliery to see the pit ponies. The photograph was probably taken around 1902 during the extending of the shaft to reach the Floxton seam. An interesting feature is the temporary headgear at the left of the photograph.

Additionally, in order to achieve a good quality reproduction in the magazine article, I would really like to get hold of higher resolution images than are available via the web. Would you be willing to provide me with higher resolution images?
Naturally, all sources will be fully acknowledged.
I hope you are able to help me with this.
Many thanks in anticipation

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Chris Berry
8 Feb 2014
Ashby De La Zouch And The Prelude To WW1 - Looking For Info, The North West Leicestershire Area Around 1914/15

I am writing a book about the area surrounding Ashby De La Zouch and the prelude to WW1 - then following the life of ordinary people and the Leicester Regiment in 1914/15.

I have found loads of interesting information about this area from your website, thank you very much for that.

If you can think of anything of interest in 1914/15 specifically about the North West Leicestershire area I would appreciate it.


Dear Fionn,

I managed to find the information I required. Although the Mines Rescue station at Ashby has closed (lovely building such a shame) the team formed a company that is based at Rawdon, which is a real co-incidence as you will see if you follow the thread below.

They have all the pictures/log etc. I visit tomorrow to get the information.

I will start the story from maybe Wednesday or Thursday next week, it will be the feature thread of the next few weeks culminating on the 5th/7th March. I have assembled a mass of information about how the rescue service was called out, vehicles and contracts, personnel and incidents from the period of April 1911-mid 1914.


You can follow the book on Facebook.

This is the story of the people of Ashby-De-La-Zouch and Normanton-Le-Heath in the lead up to WW1 and throughout the first year or so. Every day I will add a small piece about life, loves and losses.

The characters, in the main, are real people in their correct trades. The things that happen are in real time and are documented events or partially documented and then fictionalised. This is, hopefully, an accurate portrayal of life 100 years ago. 

Where possible I have interviewed and researched all the facts with experts.

When I can I introduce pieces of History that I have for some time been asked to document, that, on its own, would have been too boring, this is more fun. I hope you enjoy it.

February 1914 - Ashby De La Zouch - It was just after lunch that the peace of the small market town was shattered by the sound of football rattles, horns and clapper boards. It sounded like a celebration but was not, they could not celebrate quite yet.