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The Robinsons

Wilf was on Ilkeston Mines Rescue station with Philip
Terry and Brian were part time rescue men

Wilf and Philip
Wilf and Philip

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Terry, Wilf and Brian
Wilf is pictured here with his sons
Brian, on the right
Terry, on the left.

Terry, Wilf and Brian
Wilf was on Ilkeston Mines Rescue station with Philip, he also knew Reg Healey, Philip's brother, who was on Mansfield Mines Rescue.

At one stage when Wilf was superintendent of the small rescue station at Brynmenyn, near Bridgend, both Terry and Brian were part time rescue men on the same station, then Wilf retired in 1984. Terry and Brian ended up as full time rescue men for five years. Brian finished at, Laugher, near Swansea before joining the Channel Tunnel rescue team in the early '90s

The above photographs show Wilf with Brian and Terry on a rescue vehicle just after Brian passed his officers exams. Both photographs were taken for the Coal News being that it is a little unusual to have three members of the same family in the same rescue brigade. Brian is tallest of the lot, and since then dad has lost all his hair.

Brian is now a specialist mines rescue consultant.

Wilfred Robinson Died December 2013

Thanks to Joanne Stuart For The Photograph

Photograph taken at Mansfield Woodhouse 1950s