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Betsy the Fire Engine


WWII Helmet
World War 2 Helmet
Betsy cost 150ukp in 1916
55HP Leyland - Type U4
Reg No AL 5184
Vehicle No for Renewals 3828
Engine No 5050
Rees Roturbo Pump
500 gals per min.
Brass Helmet
Brass Helmet from Betsy

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Betsy the Fire Engine. A 55/60 horsepower Leyland motor was installed for dealing with colliery surface fires. It carried a first aid reel, comprising tank holding 40 gallons of water, hose and small jet.

There were also fittings for connecting to street hydrants. 'Betsy' is seen here leaving Ilkeston Mines Rescue Station, Manners Road.

Maintenance/order written by Les Havill Aug 1940

Thermo electric Heater and charging battery (Caldwell) 2 ukp 12 shillings and 6 pence
12 Lighting Acc - Young Renown 4 ukp
2 Head lamps (9" dia) 12V - 24W and 12V - 36 W dipper
2 Side lamps 12v 6cp (lead light 12 x 36W)
Tail lamps 12v 6cp
Spot lamps 12v 36 x 36
Dash lamps 12v 6cp
6 volt ignition coil 2ukp 12 shillings and six pence
(Battery and magneto switch) 9ukp 5 shillings


'Betsy' seen here leaving Ilkeston Mines Rescue station, driven by Les Havill, on her last journey, to Beggarlea? Yard, Moore Green Colliery.

A page from call out book, only relating to fire engine.

05/08/40 - To Shipley Wood 01/12/43 - Mooregreen
27/10/40 - New London 27/11/44 - Langley Mill potteries
09/03/41 - Pye Hill, headstocks fire 30/03/46 - Shipley Wood
21/03/41 - Pye Hill, Overhead cables and timber 02/04/46 - Ormond engine house
16/02/42 - Oakwood Grange, Stores 25/12/46 - Manners timber fire
30/03/42 - Coates Park 08/03/47 - Cinderhill 12.5 hours
22/04/42 - Shipley Wood 26/10/47 - Babbington, screens fire
09/08/42 - Shipley Wood --/03/49 - Cossal, ambulance and garage fire
27/10/42 - New Selston, underground fire --/07/49 - Lodge, timber fire
14/07/43 - Manners Colliery, timber store 29/03/50 - Woodside engine house fire
21/07/43 - Coppice, screens and conveyor 13/12/54 - Coppice, pumping flood water


Working on the Station

Life Off The Station

Chesterfield Station

Mansfield Rescue Station