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Mining Memorials in Scotland
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Memorials - Photographs - Page 14

Woolmet and Monktonhall Collieries

Miners Memorial Garden

At Danderhall


The whole area, with all the memorials, has a new sign at the entrance, on the north side
referring to the area as Miners Memorial Garden

Monktonhall Miners Fatalities Memorial and a Photo of all Three Memorials at Danderhall

The Black Tombstone, top center, is the memorial to Miners killed at Monktonhall

The Wee Backless Bench in Front of the Hutch is Dedicated to Monktonhall and Woolmet Miners.

The inscription on the bench refers to the Woolmet and Monktonhall Miner and
you can see where the bench sits in front of the hutch above

Two New Mining Related Design Benches Flank the Hutch
The Hutch Has 800 Years of Lothian Coalfield on Top
Woolmet Fatalities on East Side and Tools on West Side

The plaque on the hutch is the memorial to the miners and woman killed at Woolmet

New Benches Have Mining Related Designs

The wee backless bench in front of the hutch is dedicated to Monktonhall and Woolmet Miners

On top of the hutch is the circular memorial to 800 years of Mining in the Lothians

The plaque gives details of the unveiling in 2015

The round plaque sited on top of the hutch 

Detail, Lamp

The hutch therefore appears to be a separate dedication to Woolmet and Monktonhall pit with the rear of the hutch dedicated to miners killed at the Woolmet Colliery. There is a separate memorial to men killed at Monktonhall adjacent to the site


Monktonhall Miners

Campview, Danderhall, Midlothian


The Black tombstone is the memorial to Miners killed at Monktonhall


Woolmet Bing

Woolmet Bing

A relic of the Midlothian Coalfield, on reclaimed land of the Woolmet Pit

Hutch and Plaque have now gone - only groundworks remain

Photo From


Child Miners Memorial Danderhall Go 2

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