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Ayrshire Pit Accident - Dailly, Seven Miles From Girvan

Information From Scottish Mining WebSite

Scotsman - 2 April 1919
Maxwell Coal Pit, near Dailly - Two Miners Suffocated
1 April 1919

Ayrshire Pit Accident – Two Miners Suffocated - An accident occurred yesterday at Maxwell Coal Pit, near Dailly, seven miles from Girvan, whereby two miners lost their lives. On Sunday night fumes from on adjoining coal pit, which accidentally went on fire about 95 years ago, and which since then has smouldered under the earth's surface, were discovered to be present, and work in Maxwell Pit was suspended on Monday. At an early hour yesterday morning Matthew Dunlop, who resided in Maxwell Street, Girvan, and John Smellie, Heather Row, Dalquhattan, Dailly, went down the pit, evidently with the intention of making an inspection, preparatory to starting pumping operations, and were suffocated by fumes from the direction of the burning pit. Smellie was about 35 years of age, and leaves a widow and family. Dunlop, who was a native of Hurlford, was unmarried, and lived with his father. Numerous -attempts have been made to extinguish the fire in the disused pit by flooding, but without effect.

Dunfermline Journal - 30 August 1919
Heroic Ayrshire Miners

Carnegie Watches For Ayrshire Miners - Heroic Ayrshire Miners - At a social meeting held in the Working Men's Institute, Dailly - Mr John Blake, manager, South Ayrshire Collieries (Ltd.), presiding - Dr McInroy presented four gold watches, suitably inscribed, to Messrs John Dunlop, Samuel McBride, Thomas McMillan, and Neil McMillan. The watches were awarded by the Carnegie Hero Fund Trust for a heroic endeavour to save life on 1st April 1919 when a fire broke out in Maxwell Pit, Dailly, the fumes from which suffocated two miners, Matthew Dunlop and John Smylie. Mr Adam Wilson, J.P., afterwards presented, on behalf of the workers at Bargany Pit, gold badges, suitably inscribed, to the members of the Rescue Brigade and assistants.

Scotsman - 23 August 1919
Three Mining Accidents Occurred at Bargany Pit, Dailly - One Fatal
21 August 1919

Ayrshire Mining Accidents - Three mining accidents occurred at Bargany Pit, Dailly, one of which proved fatal. Dan Park, residing at Bourtree Hall, Girvan, was working in the main coal seam of a pit belonging to the South Ayrshire Collieries (Limited), when a stone from the roof weighing a ton and a half, fell upon him, killing him instantaneously. It required eight men to remove the stone from his body. He was a native of Cumnock, and leaves a widow and eight of a family.

A lad named Gavins got his hand wedged between two hutches and lost three fingers. James Boyd, Bourtree Hall, working in the same pit, was struck on the head with a falling stone and badly cut and bruised.

NB Deceased was actually David Park

Scotsman - 3 March 1926
South Ayrshire Pit Fatality, Bargany Pit, near Dailly
1 March 1926

South Ayrshire Pit Fatality - An accident which terminated fatally took place in the Bargany Pit, near Dailly, belonging to the South Ayrshire Colliery (Limited), on Monday evening. John Tait, employed in repairing work, was struck by a hutch or tub, and was severely injured. He was brought with all speed to the surface and removed to the County Hospital where he expired after a few hours. The deceased was between forty and fifty years of age and leaves a widow and large family.

Scotsman - 2 July 1927
Ayrshire Pit Fatality - Killochan Pit, Near Dailly
30 June 1927

Ayrshire Pit Fatality - Late on Thursday night, while Thomas Garrett (23), a "brusher," was working in the roads of the Killochan pit, near Dailly, belonging to South Ayrshire Collieries (Ltd.), a wall of coal fell, sandwiching him between the falling coal and a pillar of wood. He seemed to have been completely embedded in the debris, and it took his comrades fully an hour before they found him. He was carried to the cage at the outlet of the pit. Dr McInroy, Dailly, pronounced life extinct. Garrett leaves a wife and two children.

Scotsman - 8 October 1929
Miners Seriously Injured at Maxwell Pit, Dailly
7 October 1929

Miners Seriously Injured - Serious accidents occurred at Maxwell Pit yesterday morning to two men employed by the South Ayrshire Collieries (1928) (Ltd.), six miles from Girvan. James Lunnie, aged 52, residing in Dailly, was engaged in coal getting at the face when a fall from the roof occurred and he was buried in the debris. On being extricated he was found to be suffering from lacerations of the head and face and very severe injuries to the back. The man was removed to Ayr County Hospital, where last night he was in a critical condition. His companion, James McKnight, belonging to Crosshill, Ayrshire, received severe injuries to the chest. He was removed to his home where he is progressing favourably. McKnight had been only a day or two working in the pit when the accident occurred.

Scotsman - 3 April 1933
Dailly Miner Killed In The Maxwell Pit
1 April 1933

Dailly Miner Killed In Pit - While working at the coal face in the Maxwell Pit, belonging to the South Ayrshire Collieries, Dailly, on Saturday, Joseph Lunnie, miner, was instantaneously killed by the fall of a large stone. His brother Robert, who was working alongside him, received slight injuries. Lunnie was 26 years of age and unmarried. He resided with his parents, Mr and Mrs Robert Lunnie, at Kilgrammie Hill, Dailly.

Scotsman - 15 October 1935
Dailly Miner Killed In The Maxwell Pit
14 October 1935

Dailly Miner Killed In Pit - Thomas Laverty, Maxwell View, Dailly, Ayrshire, was killed at the Maxwell Pit, Dailly, yesterday. Employed as a chain runner, Laverty was working on a haulage road, and his workmates became alarmed at his non-appearance and went in search of him. They found him lying on the haulage road with his head underneath a large stone. Death appears to have been instantaneous. Laverty leaves a widow and two children. He was 26 years of age.

Scotsman - 26 March 1938
Dailly Miner Killed In The Maxwell Pit
25 March 1938

William Smith (25) miner, 5 Lendal Quadrant, Girvan, lost his life in an accident in the Maxwell Pit, near Dailly, yesterday. Smith was working at the coal face when, he was struck by a heavy fall of stone.

Scotsman - 18 October 1940
Dailly Miner Killed In The Maxwell Pit
17 October 1940

AYRSHIRE PIT FATALITY.—While working at the coal face in the Maxwell Mine, Dailly, Ayrshire, yesterday, Thomas McMillan (34), miner, Main Street, Dailly, was struck by a heavy stone, and received severe injuries to his head and back, which proved fatal.

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