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December 2016

Jago Parker - My Great-Grandfather, William Thomas Parker Was a Durham Miner

Brenda Storey - Looking For William Street, Trimdon Grange, County Durham

Lesley Jones - Charles Greasley Died 1890, aged 47, whilst mining in the Mitchell Main Colliery

Mary - My Uncle, Barrie Nightingale, Died at Arkwright Colliery, 1966

Stu Monaghan - Bickershaw pit deaths, 1942 - Can you forward my E-mail address to Lizzie Podger

Peter Colloff - Old Tallie From Silver Hill Colliery - Disc Number 124

Gordon Fairlie - My late mum and dad’s house on Manners Road, Ilkeston Rescue Station. I have found a huge underground room, the training shelter - And the hose box from the original 1926 /1940's fire engine.

Jim Henry - Blackridge Bothie Memorial, West Lothian.Trying to find out what happened to it when the railway was built as it is mentioned in the EIA for the railway line.

Alan Beales - Inquest Reports, Turkey Field

Roy Foulkes - Stanley Site Memorial Tub - West Hallam, Derbyshire

Margaret Goulding - My Grandfather, Charles Whitham, Was a Miner in South Yorkshire 1880-1930

Lynn Donnell - Fatalities in the Coal Field - Goldthorpe Pit South Yorkshire

Carole H - Martin Heavey - Bentley Pit Disaster, 1931

Dan - Looking For North Staffordshire seam diagram

Roy Foulkes - I believe the photo is a guy called Jack Buxton from Langley Mill

George Bell - Shireoaks Strongman, Jamie Reeves, goes for the World Strongman Title, 1988 Plus More Photos of Shireoaks Colliery

Alan Beales and Bob Bradley - Stories

David Page - Harry Riley and Brian Fretwell's New Eastwood Digest - Volume 2, to be launched at Eastwood Town Council Chambers Dec 13th 2016

November 2016

Stephen Sullivan - Worksop Library - Worksop Library - Manton Accident - Thomas Perkins Not in Database

Stephen Sullivan - Worksop Library - Worksop Library - Manton Accident - Thomas Perkins Not in Database

Jim Henry - Bilston Glen and Mauricewood Penicuik Memorials

George Bell - More Photos of Shireoaks Colliery

Dave Lodge - Looking for a photo and info about Barry Lomax killed in mining accident 2 Apr 1977, at Peckfield Colliery Micklefield. Court Case number 24922607g

Ken Townend - Crigglestone Colliery and the Townend Family

Jean Crossman - Looking For Info - Hartshorne, Hobson, Disney, Stainsbys and Harts of Stanley, West Hallam, and Heanor - And - Family @ Rossington Pit - Charles Ernest Wright, his wife Florence Lucy Wright they died 1992 and their son Ernest Wright born 1920

David Le Roy - Mine Accident Information - Eppleton I think, 1950s

John Eagan  - Was there a scheme whereby ex-miners were "requested" to return to the mines before the 1943 Bevin Boy scheme started?

Trevor Armstrong - Photo, My grandfather, George Barrington Knowles, born in 1876, with the Hardwick No2 Rescue Team

Pye Hill Choire - YouTube Video of the Pye Hill & District Male Voice Choir

Dave Lodge - Looking For a Photo and Info about Barry Lomax killed in a mining accident 2 Apr 1977, at Peckfield Colliery Micklefield

Barrie Lewis - Hucknall’s monument honouring fallen pit-workers

Matt - Alans Data Base - Hucknall Memorials

John Hill - Changing Pump at Woodside Pit, Ex-British Coal men, Tony Lee, John Hill and Mick Taylor

Mark Smithers - Looking For Hi-Res Photo of 'Albert Edward' at Firbirk Collliery

Tim Elliott - Looking for Photos - I worked at Arkwright Colliery North Derbyshire

Marie Hunt - Arnold Local History Group

Robert Randall - Alans Data Base - Edward (Ted) Randall Died at Clipstone Colliery 1961

After 150 years, volunteers finally dig up the truth about Barnsley mining disaster that killed 384

Maureen Spinks - Les Adams - Coatbridge Mines Rescue Station

Françoise Genty-Tilley - Data site on mine accidents and fatalities

Howard Benson - Photo from the Wath on Dearne Joint Rescue Station

Debbie Pawson - James Deakin was a miner at Manton Colliery sometime between 1939 and 1960

October 2016

Martyn Beardsley - Mining Occupations, Check Weighman?

Thi Minh Dao - Looking For More Information About Gr6s Flame Safety Lamp

Peter Turton - Alans Data Base - Mr Thomas Pilgrim of Mansfield Woodhouse Yorke Road

Jim Henry - Mining Memorials in Scotland - Prestonpans Mural - Wallyford, East Lothian, Scotland

Russ Purdy - High Park Colliery Accident 17 June 1945 - Arthur Cutts killed

BBC - Aberfan Disaster: 50th Anniversary Marked With Silence

Heather Wall - South Kirkby Colliery Deaths 1923 - Alfred Wall and James McNamara

JosieJosie Byrne - PIT BROW LASSES - On The Go theatre Co - I have just started to write a play about the Pit Brow Lasses

Oren B Orwin - Have you come across a mine owned by the Orwin’s

Mick McCusker - Alans Data Base - I think two men jumped down the shaft at Manton just before 1978

Roy Penman - Locomotives of Woodside Colliery 1952

Claire Johnson - Chesterfield Mine Rescue - Albert Johnson, My husband’s father is pictured on the left of this photo

Jim Henry - Andrew Fisher Memorial Cairn and Bench, Crosshouse village, By Kilmarnock, East Ayrshire

CABMarian Tobin - Citizens Advice Bureau - Coatbridge Mines Rescue Station

John Eagan  - My Late Father, John Eagan, worked at Firbeck, Maltby and Harworth Collieries. He Might Have Been a Bevan Boy

Theresa Merriman - My dad, William Merriman from Dublin, worked in Bilsthorpe Mine in the early 50's

Bill Rogers - Hartley Pit - Two photos taken of old glass slides I have

BBC - Battle of Orgreave: Inquiry decision due 'in October' 2016

David Redman - Bilthorpe Colliery, more information and photos

S-ArmyMajor Jane Kimberley - Picture of Salvation Army officer comforting a woman at Aberfan

Miners Strike 1984 - This was the most bitterly contested dispute, in modern history - 1984/85

September 2016

In Memory


BBC - Nottinghamshire black miners' history project launched

Gail Higgs - How to find A. Darrell last known to be working at Kellingley

John Oliver - Mines Rescue - First Aid Competition, Mr J Hall's Medal 1932

Colin Rowland - Harry Rowland Died Down Moorgreen Pit 1960

Carole Pickin - David Barnardo - Mrs C Lamb's book on the Minnie Pit Disaster

Sean Brady - Thomas Feast Farby Saved the Lives of Eight Men at Sutton Colliery, 1899

Vincent John Hewitt - Edmund Hewitt Lidgett coal mine death 1895

Michael Glover - The story behind a poem - Lives of the First World War Blog

David Redman - I started work at Bilthorpe Colliery in June 1968

Gordon Fairlie - William Fairlie, Wally Fairlie as he was known around Ilkeston Mines Rescue Station

Gill Eades - Mining Ancestors - My Grandfather William Henry Smith, born in Selston 1872

Coral Orchard - Looking for my grandad's records, Eliza Bradley born in 1889

Alan Beales - Inquest, Mr. Gershom Marshall died Bilsthorpe Colliery 1936

Stephen Berrill - Where can I find mine plans for Silverhill?

David Slade - NCB Mines Rescue Service enquiry, Thomas H Linley

David Redman - Accident, Gershom Marshall Accidently Killed at Bilsthorpe 1936

Alison Walters - ‘In loving memory of the victims of the Rufford Pit Disaster February 7th 1913’

Elizabeth - Joseph Keith Barnes was My Uncle, he Died at Williamthorpe Colliery Age 18 in 1945

Terence Plummer - RE: Victoria, the only shaft I know of that once wound coal from three different levels

Edmund Birchall - New book MEN OF COAL

R Markham - Records - Do mining records exist (general employment)

Frank Bunting - I am writing a detailed article on Edward Bunting’s family for publication and need a copy of the 1739 Philip Hutchinson map of South Derbyshire/Nottinghamshire coalfields

Helen Bantock - Frank Smith born 1877 died 1946-7

Martyn Webb - Webb Family Research - My Grandfather, William Webb, was a coal miner. He moved to Monkton Row, Near Brierley Yorkshire sometime between 1881 and 1891.

Nicholas Kotarski - Arthur Kotarski Was Killed at Williamthorpe Colliery 1931, Boiler Explosion

Martyn Fretwell D&B  - Bilsthorpe Colliery Brickworks

Karen Mcguinness - John Davis, should be Joe Davis, Killed Gedling Borrows Street

August 2016

Fred Southey  - Wrong Pit! Albert Newbourgh Holding Little Duke, the Pony, at Shirland Colliery

Carole Pickin - My grandfather, James Humphries, was an employee, a contractor and a Mines Rescue Man at Hanley deep where he died in 1938

Katja Hock - I am about to project my new work on the side of the Newton Building and Nottingham Contemporary's side window on the 12th of Nov 2016

Jim Henry - Mining Memorials in Scotland, now on page 14, Woolmet and Monktonhall Collieries

Alyson Morley - My Father, Frank Morley Ilkeston Rescue Station, Medallion Presentations 1973

Jackie Barnard - Albert Prescott, B.1917, Lost An Arm In 1932, Possibly At Bickershaw Colliery

Steven Carter - Samuel Swingewood (my great grandfather) worked at Bilsthorpe Colliery (about 1935) then Sutton-in-Ashfield. By 1939 he was living in Sherwood

John Macdonald - We are setting up an Industrial Heritage Trail to Tell the Story of New Lount Colliery

Stephen Wilkins - Linby Winder - My Late Father, Joe Wilkins, Was a Fitter at Bentinck

Stephen Wilkins - Bentinck Winder - My Late Father, Joe Wilkins, Was a Fitter at Bentinck

Neil Keyworth - Derbyshire Falalities - Thomas Thornwill 1907 - Swadlincote

Edward Aveyard  - Wakefield Pits

Jim Henry - Mining Memorials in Scotland, now 10 pages

George Bell - Shireoaks Iron Shafts - Two Cappings

Neil Williams - Alans Data Base - Desmond Hudson accident, Mansfield Colliery, 1984

George Bell - Photo, Shireoaks Colliery from the Canal about 1910

Girvan - The shipping of coal began from Girvan harbour in 1837

July 2016

David Martin - 1849 boat picture, where was this picture taken?

Jim Henry - Mining Memorials in Scotland

Teresa-Ann McNeillie - My father-in-law, Robert Fulton McNeillie, was killed at Barony Mine in 1975, how can I find his token number?

Ilona Streeting - Giant miner puppet takes first steps - BBC News

Andy Prada - "Engineering the Loos Salient 1915-2018" - Trying to get in touch with Elliott Mills

Chris Bradley - Alans Data Base - Philip King - I was with Phil shortly before the accident

Jigar Patel - Regarding the Study of Safety Detaching Hook

Eirwen Palmer - Ian Winstanley - trying to locate the 1842 Royal Commission reports

Sheron Boyle - Crigglestone Accident

Stephen Sullivan - Frances Charles Potts died 25th May 1962, Manton Colliery

Michael Glover - "Miners" is a poem by Wilfred Owen
He wrote the poem in direct response to the Minnie Pit Disaster in which 156 miners died.


Michael Glover - Lives of the First World War - 1918 Mini Pit Disaster

This is a breakthrough, miners who died or worked in the mines and survived during WW1 will now be renamed as the Other Empire Force and
The Regiment is - The Coal Industry and
The Rank of the miner is - Coal Mine Worker

Robert Bradley - Research Work - Are there any historical (or current) shallow workings that extend under our seas?

Jeremy Manners - Fauld Mine - My Family - J.C. Staton & Co. Ltd.

NCBTJoan Smalley - Notts Miners Banners Trust - We are hoping to preserve or replicate the mining banners

Frances Carson - Alfred Blount Died Hartshay Pit 1930

Pam Jones - There is a photo, on your website, of the Territorials from Cwm in Aberystwyth, one of them could be my grandfather!

Nigel Butler - Your Website, Absolutely Amazing

Mary Hellewell - The Oaks Colliery Explosion, John Hellewell was my 2 times great-grandfather

Vicky - Oaks Colliery Disaster - Rhodes Brothers MemorialKen Anderson

Charles and Teresa Snarski - We knew your grandad, Crispin Hodgkiss

Steve Sutton - Alans Data Base, Thorney Abbey Rd., Blidworth

Charles Snarski - Medallion Presentations, 1973, Ilkeston Co-op


June 2016

David Page - Vol.2. Eastwood Nottinghamshire: times past and present

Katherine Keys - I have been fighting mesothelioma cancer for the past 9 years

BBC - 'Battle of Orgreave': Probe into 1984 miners' clash policing ruled out - 12 June 2015

Eesh Kumar Kintali - Query regarding use of wire mesh in safety lamp

Marilyn Tilley - Number 2 Colliery, Sherwood, Frederick Herbert Shaw killed Nov 1940

Ken AndersonKen Anderson - George Claytor, Mines Rescue. Born Clays Cross 1877 and served in The Notts and Derby Sherwoods during WW1

Bevin Boys Association - Update Information - Bevin Boys Association

Michael Wolvin - NUM Cotgrave Mining Plates

Tim Bennett - When I was metal detecting in Mapperley I found a pit motty belonging to a Mr Howitt

BBC News - Boulby potash miner John Anderson killed in 'gas blowout'

Levi Cale - Hucknall No1 Colliery, Pit Death 1874

Gordon Elsey - Stephen Offer - Chatterley Whitfield Colliery Explosion 1881

Darren Gerrard - Stephen Offer - Chatterley Whitfield Colliery Explosion 1881

May 2016

Mary Swain - Crigglestone Mining Disaster, 1941 - I am the DAUGHTER of Robert Wilson White

Eric Savage Of The Mines Rescue Service, Cowdenbeath - An Account of Michael Colliery Fire

Frances Watt - Permission to use Pit Pony Photo

George Bell - More Photographs Shireoaks Colliery

Brigitte Todd - Joseph Smith, died in the Rounds Green Pit Disaster 1846, what happened to his widow?

Larvik Museum NorwayAne Ringheim Eriksen - Photo of Smoke Helmet in Use

Ian Shaw - Five Pits Trail North Wingfield, Looking for Photo's of the Railway Crossing, Highfields Crossing

Yvette Campbell - Error, My Grandfather, William Charles Buxton Died Swanwick Colliery 1951

Alan Beales - Fatalities, Grange Farm Cossall Outcrop - Additions to Gedling, Hucknall No 2 and Babbington

Sharon Bartholomew - Trying to find people who knew my Granddad, Ken Ashcroft, at Cronton Pit, Lancashire from 1946 until it closed

Steve - Teaching Kids About Genealogy and Family History

Chris Jepson - Frederick Ernest Jepson was the oldest miner to die in the Easington Mining Disaster in 1951

Maureen Wilson - Alexander Hardie died at the Margaret Pit, Newbottle 1922 aged 29

Jerry Rollinson - Shireoaks Record Breakers, 4 Names added to photo

Belinda Tate - Edward Marshall Killed at Hunstall Colliery, Derbyshire, 4 Jan 1876

Dawn Evans - Mining Accident - My father, Trevor Ashbridge, was killed at New Stubbin Colliery, South Yorkshire

April 2016

Lizzie Podger - Can you put me in touch with the Monaghan family Bickershaw/ Leigh

Cath Burley - My Father, Roland Bowler, Was a Bevin Boy in Nottinghamshire

Kath Walker - Re: Graham Coe - Firbeck Main Memorial Garden

Graham Coe - Firbeck Main Memorial Garden

Elizabeth Hawksworth - Mining Accident - Arnold Hodgkiss, Aged 19, Died at Cortonwood 1943

William Meese - Alans Data Base - Mr Albert Fletcher killed at Kiveton Park

David Stevens - Wanted Info and photos of Gedling

Zeita Stephens - Additional Information for Samuel Spriggs who died Worksop (Priory) St Mary 1874

Linda Bailey  - 1907 Barrow Pit Disaster, Frank Dobson was my great grandad

Looking for Information, My Grandfather Vincent Glen Nam Died at Gedling Colliery 1965

Deborah Scales - Langley family in particular John Langley and Samuel Langley

Phil and Jean Robinson - Miner's Deaths, Statistics

Pat Barlow - General query - ‘on the cinder path’

Wheels_MemNew Section - Wheels - Memorials - Looking for photos of Wheels

Christine Booth - Thomas Fowler was killed at South Kirkby pit 1944

March 2016

John Gill  - Seeking Information on James Byrne - Killed in Pit Explosion, 1909 - 1911

Helen Gillespie - Question about Coal Engineer Training in 1875

Andrew Cooke - Looking for a list of Notts towns/villages/locations where the pit wheel still stands

TheatreCaroline Frewin - A passionate new play 'Tinned Goods' Nottingham Arts Theatre next week 1st April

John Fletcher - Looking for a list that covers mining fatalities at Cronton Colliery, Lancashire

Steve Anastasiadis - A Guide To Free Genealogy and Family History Books

Andrew Mailer - Help please - Eccles Protector Lamp GR6S

Lesley Henderson - Do you have an estimate of the number of people Rescued by Mines Rescue

Andy Coupe - Felling of Ripley Colliery Chimney

Lucy Cann - Research - Miners' Strike of 1984-5

Bob Bradley - Mines Rescue Images

Andrew Fielding killed - Thoresby Colliery, Eruption of Hydrocarbons (gas, water, oil and coal) 1995

Liz - Death at Firbeck of 16 year old John Thomas Richard Heape, 1941

Chris Morton - I’m trying to find out where my late dad, William Patrick Morton, might have been a Bevin Boy

Pauline Broome - Alan's Data Base - My uncle, Cyril Dale, died in Harworth Pit 1958

Philip Hepworth - Tibshelf and Newton mining questions - 1934, My Grandfather Harry Smith, 59, was killed in a clay pit by a collapse of clay probably triggered by an explosive left accidentally in the clay.

David Bond - Looking for Information on Houghton Fire and Rescue Station

February 2016

Eunice Shaw (Nee Jones) - David Jones Died at Pilsley Colliery, Derbyshire 1918

Terry Calow - My Grandfather, Sidney Bramley, was Killed at Williamthorpe Colliery 19 Aug 1944

Paul Denton - 75th Anniversary of the Crigglestone Mining Disaster

David Lloyd - Looking For Information Annesley/Newstead Pits - And a few photos

Miner BathingKenneth Hayes - Picture of a Miner Bathing =>

Susannah Webb - Alans Data Base - My x2 great uncle Stephenson Hargreaves

Rob Grieves - Medals - Service Medals - 5, 10, 15 years

Rob Grieves - I’ve got some articles which might be helpful to Ken Sinclair

Jane Dodge - BBC INQUIRY - Making A Documentary For BBC East Midlands About Pit Closures In The Ilkeston Area 1966

Barry Robertson - Looking For Photos - Burngrange Pit Disaster, 1947

Jane Booth - Any Info, which Mine Did My G,G Grandfather and G,G Uncle work at? Chesterfield area

Claire Wandless - James Wandless, aged 16, killed May 1853 at Whitwood Pit, Potefract, Yorkshire

Pat Gerard - Woodside Colliery

Sue Gainey - My 2nd great grandfather William Rhodes is not mentioned in your list of those who died

Stefan Conner - Gibbs Rebreather

Lesleyann Callery - Frickley Pit - Looking for a list of miners that worked at Frickley and their pit check numbers

Anne King - My Great Grandfather, Jason Parry, Died in the Albion Pit Disaster, 1894

Alison Bridge - Stephen Pitchford Died on 24th December 1873

Peter Gardener And Alfred Chivers Fell Down The Shaft Ackton Hall Colliery 1958

Trev - Do You Have Any Photos of Glapwell Colliery? I Left Glapwell in 1972

Kellingley Colliery in Pictures - Visit Ian Castledine's Web Site

Barrie Mellor - Ings Coking Plant, West Yorkshire, Looking For Information

Gillian Brogden - Where Can I Buy A Nottinghamshire Area Miners Lamp?

Michelle Smith - My Great Grandfather, Arthur Baldwin, Was Killed At The Age Of 37 At Bullcroft Colliery

Hartley David Frederiksen - My Father, Peter Fredericton, Worked At Mosley Common 1946 To 57 and was North West Middle Weight Champion

Nick Pigott - Query about mine names

Paul Brown - Healey Hero Website - Thank you for the fantastic website you have created

January 2016

badgeJago Parker - My Great-Grandfather, William Thomas Parker Was a Durham Miner

Jago Parker - Thomas Parker - Died Iveston Colliery 1943

Pat Pearson - Coatbridge Mines Rescue - Les Adams

James Hawksley - Fatality to add. My father Ernest Hawksley died at Whitwick Colliery 1942

Ellen Brown - The Kaitangata Coal Mine Disaster in New Zealand

Tracey Waters - My 2 x Great Granddad Edward Gill was apparently killed in an accident at Unstone Colliery

Bill McCue was brought up in a Scottish Mining Community

Richard Ault - Mining in North Staffordshire, Minnie Pit Disaster, 'Way We Were' edition of The Sentinel, Staffordshire

J. Darley - Looking For The NCB Paint Codes For Yellow And Blue

Maurice Dawson - Looking For More Information About An Art Deco Style, Iron Panel From Clifton

Maurice Dawson - Miner’s Lamp to Commemorate Thoresby Colliery Baths Ceremony 1949

George Humes - Crossfines Row - could you tell me the location please

John Heaton Gray - Hoyland Silkstone Colliery 23rd Nov 1907 - In Memory

J. Darley - Nostell Mines Rescue Team at Lofthouse 1973 - Who Are the 3 front men?

Glyn Bowen - Any Information - Mines Rescue Vehicle, Malta 1991

Gren Gaskell - My Dad, John Gaskell, Killed Bestwood Pit, 19 Sep 1940 In Memory

Brian Burbidge - Alans Data Base - Eric Brown, Calverton

Bob Bradley - Wilfred Robinson Died December 2013

Richard Waldron - Mining Injury, My Great Grand Father John Alvien Waldron Who Worked At Gedling

Horace Lister - Hapton Valley Explosion

Jeff Donson - Any Information About Denby Hall Pit Near Ripley Derbyshire

Roy Smith - Welsh Menu (Emails) I would like to get in touch with Andy Carroll

Sarah Kelly - My Grandfather, John Kelly, was injured in a fire around 1955 at the Bradford Power Plant

Chris Lloyd - Maypole Pit Disaster, 1908 - I am the great-grandson of Thomas Lloyd Who Died In The Disaster.

Mark Wilkie - Joseph Humble, New Hartley Colliery Disaster, Under-Viewer (Drapers Store)

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