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Dec 2013

Noel Newbury - Monty Visits Coalfield - Frank Newbury escorting Monty at Mansfield Colliery

Robert Bradley - Snibston Colliery (Leicestershire) Closed 1979

Robert Bradley - Langwith Colliery (North Derbyshire) Sunk 1876-1880 Closed After 99 Years

Alison Lukstin - Ada was the daughter of a coalminer hewer, Francis William Pease 1855 -1910
and Jane Ann Read 1858-1935

Garth Gregory - My grandfather, Harold Kirk (1896-1965) worked as a Derbyshire miner - Also we have a beautiful cutlery canteen set inscribed Markham Collieries

Ryan Mansell - My Grandfather Richard Mansell Died at  Treeton Colliery, Rotherham, Yorkshire 1957

Carol Aldis - My Father, William Hutton, Was A Bevin Boy Based In Knutton, Staffordshire, There Was An Accident In Which His Mate, Jim Carr, Or Barr Was Killed, Any information?

Xanthe Parkin - My g-grandfather, Mark Kenworthy, was a miner in Silkstone, Barnsley became a grocer, Deputy Mayor, Killed himself 1909.

Hoyland Silkstone Colliery Accident, 23rd November 1907

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Janet Ede - Colwick Locomotive depot and Coal

Catherine Burton - Researching Coal Mine Canaries

Diane Bartram - Any Info - My great uncle, Arthur Roe, died in the pits in Burton Upon Trent 22 Dec 1929 aged 17

Vivien Small - Does anyone know Thomas Newton who worked at Wollaton Colliery circa 1958?

Nov 2013

Siebe Gorman mining smoke helmet from the 1930's on eBay, Click Here for more details

Enoch Edwards Story, Pit Boy to Politician, campaign flyer 1906

Vicki Webster (nee Shaw) - My mum’s dad, Joseph William Crooks died Selston pit in 1951, any more information?

The Government has guaranteed the concessionary fuel allowance to hundreds of former miners - Nov 2013

Free Coal Victory For Former Miners - Nov 2013

Cauldhall Opencast Coal Mine Given Green Light - 19 Nov 2013

Jobs secured as Hargreaves takes over five Scottish Coal mines - 6 July 2013

Kirsty Bond - When Did The Mines Rescue Station in Houghton le Spring, Tyne and Wear Open?

Sutton Colliery Disaster, Mansfield, Nottinghamshire. 21st February 1957

Kevin Joyce - Looking For Pit Closure Dates In/Near Kimberley Notts That Could Have Sent My Great, Great Grandfather (William Sheldon) B. 1859 Up To County Durham

Mining Adverts 1957 - Robert Bradley

Michael Rochester - I'm thinking of buying a property at the south end of Bilsthorpe village

Ormonde Colliery (North Derbyshire) 1970 - Closed After 60 Years - Robert Bradley

National Power Loader Agreement, 1966 - Robert Bradley

Nationalisation, 1947 - All the large mines in the country were Nationalised - Robert Bradley

Brinsley Colliery 1950 - Merged with Selston Colliery After 78 Years - Robert Bradley

Avenue Colliery 1950 - Closed After 68 Years - Robert Bradley

Grassmoor Colliery 1950 - Merged with Williamthorpe - Robert Bradley

Lodge, Newthorpe, (Nottinghamshire) Was Closed 1960 After 82 Years - Robert Bradley

Pinxton Colliery 1950 - Closed After 120 Years - Robert Bradley

Bond's Main Colliery Closed After 52 Years - Robert Bradley

Ripley Colliery Closed 1949 After 94 Years - Robert Bradley

Blackwell A Winning Colliery (North Derbyshire) 1969 - Was Closed After 97 Years - Robert Bradley

Robin Keen - Fatal injury statistics - How many miners died in 1933 and 1953?

Nailstone Colliery (Leicestershire) Closed 1968 - Robert Bradley

Holmewood Colliery (North Derbyshire) Closed 1968 After 95 Years - Robert Bradley

Swanwick Colliery (North Derbyshire) 1968 - Was Closed After 102 Years - Robert Bradley

Part of Pinxton Collieries Was Closed 1968 - After 58 Years - Robert Bradley

Kirkby Summit Colliery Was Closed 1968 - After 88 Years - Robert Bradley

Don't Burn Coal - It is too Precious - Robert Bradley

Denby (Drury-Lowe) Colliery Closed 1968, After 126 Years - Robert Bradley

Alfreton Colliery (North Derbyshire) Closed 1968, After 82 Years - Robert Bradley

Jenny Stanier nee Taylor - Any Information - My Father, Harry Adin Taylor died at Cotgrave colliery in 1965

8600 names now in Yorkshire Fatalities section - 12 more names added to Derbyshire - Alan Beales

Oct 2013

Church Gresley Colliery (Nottinghamshire) Closed 1967, After 133 Years - Robert Bradley

Langton Colliery (Nottinghamshire) Closed 1967, After 123 Years - Robert Bradley

Bestwood Colliery (Nottinghamshire) Closed 1967, After 95 Years - Robert Bradley

Val Birkett - John Tasker, an ancestor, was killed in a pit explosion in 1755 at Gen Lane ward Green Barnsley

280 more names added to Yorkshire Fatalities, 1926 - 1928 - Alan Beales

Many more names added to Yorkshire Fatalities, 1809 - 1849 - Alan Beales

Two more names added to Leicestershire Fatalities, 1722 and 1732 - Alan Beales

- Cortonwood Coalmining Memorial Park And Gardens Funding Campaign -

Mark Haines - Frank A Harris died at Snowdown Colliery 1960s - Any Information?

My grandfathers, my father and at least one uncle worked at Tilmanstone Colliery - Erica Boorman

Marie Dickinson - My Gandfather Norman Fieldsend was Killed in Glapwell Colliery about 1943

Kevin Wright - Photo of coke oven and large shovel device on crane, do you know the date?

Carol Cheshire - Albert Enoch Jones, Land Lord of the Railway Inn was injured at Langwith Colliery 1904

Cossall Colliery (Derbyshire) Closed After 93 Years - Robert Bradley

Coppice Colliery (Derbyshire) Closed After 91 Years - Robert Bradley

Woodside No1 Drift (Derbyshire) Closed After 13 Years - Robert Bradley

Jillian Williams - Charles Crann died at White Horse Colliery 30 Dec 1857 - Where was the mine?

Mike Christensen - Advice on sources, particularly the WWII opencast workings just north of Ashby de la Zouch

Morton Colliery Closed After 102 Years

Shirland Colliery Closed After 100 Years - Robert Bradley

Radford / Wollaton Colliery Closed After 65 and 91 Years Respectively - Robert Bradley

Mapperley Colliery Closed After 93 years - Robert Bradley

Swadlincote Colliery Closed After 83 years - Robert Bradley

Jason Thorpe - Any Photos of my dad, Harry Thorpe, at work? He worked at Moorgreen from 1971 to 1983-84

Cotes Park Closed After 113 Years - Robert Bradley

Sep 2013

Park House No4 Colliery Closed After 97 Years - Robert Bradley

Bretby Colliery Closed After 86 Years - Robert Bradley

Stanley Colliery Closed 1961 After 58 years - Robert Bradley

1958, Blidworth (Nottinghamshire) the largest conveyor of its kind in the world at 1¾ miles long, carrying 3,000 tons of Top Hard coal a day

Anita Pryor - Any Information about East Pool Mine, Cornwall during WW2, which was kept open for tungsten.

Dunfermline Press - 22 Sep 2013 - Flood fears at abandoned West Fife opencast mines

Tony Bracher - Re: Mr Jeffrey Bracher, Bevin Boy Glamorgan 1945 - 1947

Sacriston Colliery 1839 - 1985

Mansfield General Hospital - Admissions of injured to miners 1949 - 1950 (Under Construction)

Centralia, Pennsylvania, United States - the Centralia Pennsylvania underground coal fire which has been burning for more than 40 years - Thanks to Matthew Taylor for bringing this to my attention

Barry Knapper – Link to Interactive Map of the old railways which among others duties, served all the mines in North Staffs

Alan Beales Database now 477 names in Yorkshire section

Keith Fletcher - I am the last of a long line of generations of South West Durham miners

Clydesdale Colliery Mine Disaster, 417 died, South Africa 1960 - Lionel Thomas

Robert Bradley - History of Mining Reached 1955

Aug 2013

Bernard Shaw - Coal News 1967 - They revealed their secret weapon - a five-leaf clover!

David Townend - I left school in 1957 at 15 years old and worked at the Newmiller Dam drift mine

Photo of Albion Colliery - Keith Jones 


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