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Apedale Water Mill Colliery

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I'm looking for info on the Apedale Water Mill Colliery. I'm interested in the chimney of the water mill which is still partly standing and the inserts on each of the four sides. If anyone can help I would be very grateful.
Thank you Kelly.

Only the base of the chimney remains. It is built of red brick with some vitrified brick recessed panels with mottoes on each side.

The chimney was originally 186 feet high.

The mottoes are:

  • Regard the end
  • Be honest and fear not
  • Live and let live
  • R.E.H. 1840 (Richard Edensor Heathcote


Apedale Hall

Apedale HallApedale Hall built in 1826 by Richard Edensor Heathcote of Longton Hall. He was associated with Apedale. Heathcotes' left the Hall in 1928.

For a time it was occupied by the manager of the Midlands Coal, coke and Iron company. The building was demolished in 1934.

Subject: Water Mills

Hi my name is Joy Smith (was Pepper).

My mother owns the Home Farm at Apedale and I grew up at the farm. I owned home farm cottage and Apedale House which was the school to the Heathcote Estate, I therefore lived at Apedale for 40 years.

I also have maps of the coal seems on Apedale and spent many years involved in opencast mining in Apedale.

The three sides of the Water Mill Tower say LIVE AND LET LIVE - BE JUST - FEAR NOT - REGARD THE END

The Heathcote family were going through hard times at the time the chimney was built; it was the chimney to the steam engine and this was made into a monument by Heathcote when the pit closed. As Wedgewood had built one on the top of Talke which was insight of Apedale Hall, so this was Heathcotes contribution. In the early 1970s my father was ploughing in the field next to the chimney, also called Water Mills, and he found a horse shoe that was from a pit pony. It is completely round to protect the frog of the pony’s foot as they slid on the sleepers where the pit rails ran. I can’t remember the date on the fourth side but I am sure I can get it for you.

Hope this is of help



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