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UK Collieries - Page 14

In 1896 the Shirebrook Colliery Company began sinking 2 shafts, each 18 feet in diameter. Coal was reached a year later at a depth of about 600 yards at the Top Hard Seam. Other seams worked were the Main Hard, Main Bright, Deep Soft seam, Piper, Blackshale and the Tupton. In 1976 / 78 the Jubilee Drift was driven.

In 1983, Shirebrook merged with Pleasley Colliery and in 1986 / 87 Shirebrook produced 1.721.272 tonnes, a North Derbyshire Area output record.

The colliery was sunk in 1856 and in 1954 it became the first in Yorkshire to use a Trepanner cutting machine for use in the Clowne seam.


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