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UK Collieries - Page 11

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Darren Haywood

The colliery was sunk into the reserves at Pleasley, 490 yards into the Top Hard seam during the period from 1871 to 1873. Severe problems were encountered with the sinking of the shafts at the colliery site due entirely to the presence of water in strata. This was eventually overcome by tubbing the shaft by the use of cast iron rings which made the shaft completely watertight. Even though these problems had to be overcome coal was still extracted from the mine by February 1875. During 1919-1923 extensive work was carried out underground at the colliery to extend its life. The south manriding shaft was deepened to 822 yards and drifts were constructed to link the Top Hards, Deep Hards and Waterloo seams together. In 1983 the plan was to merge reserves of Pleasley coal reserves with those at Shirebrook. Thus resulting in the closure of this one hundred and ten year old colliery.

Old Engine House remains. Shaft in top left hand corner

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