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Peggy Bryce
Miners and Their Families
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Dougal Bryce
05 July 2005
Peggy Herbison

Hi Fionn

I was a miner for 26 years in Scotland, my name is Dougal Bryce and I have a good photo of Margaret (Peggy) Herbison when she was in Parlament and made the coalfield Nationalized.

Peggy was my next door neighbour in the mining village of Shotts.

In Maggy Thatchers Biography she said that Peggy was the only woman she ever feared I would be more than obliged to give it to you for you archives. 

Margaret (Peggy) Herbison

Please find attached the photo oh Peggy Heribon this was taken at Baton Colliery in Shotts Lanarkshire where I live it was in the year 1947.

Yours truly
Dougal Bryce

Peggy Heribon (1907 - 1997)

Margaret (Peggy) Herbison

Born 12 March 1907, the daughter of a miner, and Educated at Glasgow University Margaret (Peggy) Herbison began her career as a teacher. In 1945 she left her school, Allan Glen's school to represent Lanark Northen in parliament, as a member of the Labour party. On winning the election the Caledonia Pipe band took over, and the new MP was carried shoulder high in front of the band. She retired in 1970.

Offices held - Joint Parliamentary Under Secretary of State, Scottish Office (1950-51); Minister of Pensions and National Insurance (1964-66), Minister of Social Security (1966-67)

She was also a member of Labour NEC, Labour Party Chairman (1957), Chairman of Select Committee on Overseas Aid (1969-70), Lord High Commissioner to the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland (1970-71).

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