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Miners and Their Families
What's It Like Being A Miner?
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Craig Buxton - Trying to contact with Paul Miller or Grant Shaw
Paul Miller and Grant Shaw - Writing a book, Shipley pits and the railways
Alf Pates - Cecil Raikes steam locomotive
Mr I R Siddons
- After he witnessed a few bad accidents my father advised me not to go down the pit!
Diana Daniels - Putting the old tank to bed
Diana Daniels - My grandad he is something else (Bob Wilkinson) worked down the mine all his life
John Robinson - Re.Messages by Diana Daniels about Burradon Colliery....
Charles - I used to work on the Rescue Station at Ilkeston from 1972 till 1988
Gavin Jones - It brought back memories for in 1961 I worked at Wollaton Colliery
Steven Lumb - Some of the boys I used to work with at Newmarket Silkstone colliery

Paul Miller and Grant Shaw
19 October 2011
Writing a book, Shipley pits and the railways

My name is Grant Shaw and I am Secretary of the Ilkeston and District Local History Society. With my colleague Paul Miller I have just started work on a new book about the social history of the railways and Ilkeston and I came across your website while researching Shipley Collieries' huge tank locomotive 'Cecil Raikes'.

Very interested to read Joe Henshaw's recollections about the railways around Coppice and Woodside pits. Would it be possible to use some of this material in our book? We're in the process of issuing an appeal for memories / anecdotes / photos from anyone who worked on or travelled on the railways in Ilkeston and district before the late 60's and this will include the colliery lines and Stanton Ironworks.

If any of your other contacts have something which we could use I'd be really grateful to hear it.

By the way, my granddad Cecil Randolph Shaw (don't ask where the name came from - we've no idea) worked down Woodside pit at Shipley in the 40's to 60's. Unfortunately he died before I was born, so all my stories are second hand.

Best regards
Grant Shaw

'Railway Tales'

Craig Buxton
22 Sep 2014
Trying to contact with Paul Miller or Grant Shaw
Hi Fionn,
 My name is Craig Buxton and I am a committee member of the Derby Society of Model and Experimental Engineers based at Morley, Derbyshire and I am trying to get in contact with Paul Miller or Grant Shaw to ask if they would consider doing a talk on Ilkeston's Railways at our club. If you could help get in contact I would very grateful.
Kind Regards
Craig Buxton
DSMEE Committee Member

Paul Miller & Grant Shaw

My Grandad He Is Something Else (Bob Wilkinson) Worked Down The Mine All His Life
Diana Daniels
Tue 26/11/2002
I am from Burradon and now live in Cumbria, I grow up in the mining village, my Dad Grandad and uncle all worked at wheetslade and Burradon collierys.
I wondered if there were any history of Burradon at all? I have one photo of burradon pit in a frame I have had for so long.

The one I have sent you a friend of mine said it was Burradon, Im not to sure can you tell??
The pictures of the schools and churches are beautiful, it is a delight to see them all on line, if my Dad (Ernie Lynch) was still alive he would be gob smacked. My mum is still alive and lives in Means Drive.

My grandad he is something else (Bob Wilkinson) worked down the mine all his life, he used to grow leeks and show them in Burradon club,and remember the long gardens which was full of vegatables and floweres, when I think about it all I have a tear in my eye,I would gladly do it all again, and my Grandad died at an early age oh 64,as all the men worked hard then,it's such a Nana and Grandad lived in Annisford ter, and we lived in Office Row,what a joy it was them days playing all over and not a single worry.
I would love to see more history about Burradon and it's people.
Well it was a pleasure reminising about old times, I could write a book.
The website is a joy and I will keep looking.
Regards Diana ( nee Lynch)

John Robinson

Re. Messages by Diana Daniels about Burradon Colliery....

I also grew up in Burradon in the 50s/60s. I think the print is of Burradon and I reckon it's one of the drawings from the 'Illustrated London News' reporting on the disaster of 1860 which killed 76 men and boys. My great great grandfather, John Waugh, was one of the survivors and he later emigrated to Alabama, USA where he and his family settled.

My great aunt, Alice White, lived in Office Row until her death in early 60s and I remember around 20 of us being caned at Burradon school for jumping along the outside toilets from one end of Office Row to the other. No playstations in those days!

I don't know about any history books about Burradon but there is a booklet about the 1860 explosion which is quite good. It was written by A. G. Fryer I think and you can get it from Northumberland Family History Society (NDFHS.)


John Robinson

Putting The Old Tank To Bed
Diana Daniels
Mon 08/09/2003 13:09

I often think back and remember the times I was awakened with familiar noises of a Monday morning in the old mining industrys. I often think about the old tank, meaning the big black coal engine my father used to drive.
Growing up in BURRADON Colliery in the 1950's was a great time for me, I can not remember any miserable times.
My father ERNEST LYNCH drove one of these wonderful engines from 1950 till 1977, he would bring coal in the big trucks trailing behind to and fro every day.
The fondest memories I can remember are the times I would wait for my Dad to come down that great line from WEATSLADE to BURRADON,seeing the Tank getting nearer and nearer, bigger and bigger, it would slow down near the Working Mens Social Club, to cross over the main road leading through the little village of BURRADON
As the Tank slowed down I would jump on to the platform and stand with my Dad and his mate who I think was called Bart Smith.The smell of burning coal and oil and the noise of the roaring engine will be with me forever.I would travel the rest of the way watching the trail of steam and Dad throwing shovelfuls of coal to keep the engine going for the rest of the journey to the engine shed.
When we got to the end Dad would say that's it lass get on home I'm putting THE OLD TANK TO BED.
My Dad is no longer with us now, but those memories will stay with me always.

Diana Daniels (Nee Lynch) Any one with pictures of Burradon Colliery would be much appreciated.

I have found a photo of my Dad and his engine...

I live in Cumbria and I often visit Burradon and my Mam, and we go for walks aroun the area where the pit used to be, it's all built over now with a great lot of modern houses and when I see the kids playing I get a lump in my throat because little do they know they are living right on my door step where I loved and played where they are now...they will never know the joy of it all.
Thanks again

Alf Pates
09 May 2004
Cecil Raikes steam locomotive

My name is Alf Pates and my grandfather spent many years driving the engine Cecil Raikes at Shipley colliery. His brother Jim was also a driver as was a Mr Garley I believe. I rode on the engine when I was a young lad between Woodside and Coppice. As you mention the engine is at the Liverpool museum which I found on the web together with a photograph but I didn't recognise it as Cecil which was a saddletank loco. I was looking for a photograph to show my interested grandchildren. I did hear some time ago that Cecil was in a museum some where in South Wales but I couldn't find exactly where. Thank you for your memories on the net, very interesting. If you have any more information about Cecil I would be very interested.

Hope you are keeping well.

Hello there, If you can get Alf to look at, British Railways in the 1950's, A collection of railway pictures and information he will find a picture of Cecil Raikes in action at Woodside Colliery (possibly). If Ken is contacted he might supply a print of the original. It is a small picture which does not enlarge very well being grainy when enlarged. I have had a quick search of picturethepast but it found nothing of Cecil Raikes.

Regards Phil.

Cecil Raikes

I Used To Work On The Rescue Station At Ilkeston From 1972 Till 1988
Fri 18/07/2003

Hi there
My name is Charles and I've been given this site to look at and I find myself and my wife on it I used to work on the Rescue Station at Ilkeston from 1972 till 1988 and find it very interesting I also knew Phil a little when I believe he worked at Pye Hill colliery some years ago I may have got some photos of the Station and the Staff.
Bye for now Charles

Phil worked as an instrument mechanic at Ratcliff Power station before becoming Fire Officer at Pye Hill.

It Brought Back Memories For In 1961 I Worked At Wollaton Colliery
Gavin Jones
Fri 23 May 2003
I came across the site looking for info on a proposed new railway station for Ilkeston. It brought back memories for in 1961 I worked at Wollaton Colliery and happened to be in the Mines Rescue section - I trained at Ilkeston using the apparatus shown.Somewhere at home I should have a badge from the station. We were called out on only one occasion, a Sunday, and that was to an underground fire at the Clifton colliery.
best regards Gavin Jones

Some Of The Boys I Used To Work With At Newmarket Silkstone Colliery.
Steven Lumb
07 April 2003

Hello there
My name is Steven Lumb, I worked in the mining industry for nearly twenty years, but suffer bad with my health now, with various work related complaints.

The photo opposite shows me and some of the boys who I used to work with at Newmarket Silkstone colliery. This picture of us was taken in the loader gate, there was a dosco in the advanced heading. We had a bad roof fall one day and the driver of the machine, Johnny Miller, was badly injured, and taken to Pinderfields Hospital Wakefield. This maybe of interest to some one? or someone on the photograph?

Darrel Brown,Tommy Reap, Malcolm Speight,Charlie Pole, John Barnfather.
I'm the one on the front row on the far right. Can't remember other names at the moment, sorry about this mind gone blank.

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