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If you believe you are suffering from illness or disease as a result of working in the coal industry
contact the miners help centre nearest to you:
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Coal Industry Social Welfare Organization (CISWO)

Caution - Sick miners' lawyers struck off

Debbie Marriott - Cotgrave Pit - My dad Passed Away in October 2016 From Lung Cancer
Charlie Davidson - Respiratory Problems
Eleni Abbott - Information on Miners
Steven Lumb - It is Naphthalene that is Dangerous

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Debbie Marriott
17 May 2017
Cotgrave Pit - My dad Passed Away in October 2016 From Lung Cancer

Hi I am looking for a list of people who worked down Cotgrave pit my dad passed away in October from lung cancer and they have put on the death certificate that it was working down the pit that was to blame  and I have been told I could claim compensation for him but they never said where I could find the records of people working down there or how long they worked for I would be so grateful if you knew where I could find the records  and let me know

Many  Thanks

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David Thomas
23 August 2006 13:06
Coal Industry Social Welfare Organization (CISWO)

I found your site fascinating and will be coming back to read the rest of it.

I work for CISWO which is mentioned in at least five of the contributions and we are still around working with miners, miners welfares and with retired and ex-miners and their families.

We also administer some mining charities that can offer help to ex-miners and I wondered if you could put in a link to our web site

to help people access help when they need it Dave Thomas Regional Manager Western Region

Dave Thomas
142 Queens Road
Stoke on Trent

From:     George Bone retired miner Polmaise Colliery
Sent:      24 October 2011
Subject: Where can I get a Combi Boiler through a retired miners scheme?

Wondering if you have any knowledge of any help I can get to help get a combi boiler through a retired miners scheme. I know it can be done, but don't know where to go. Hope you can help me.

George Bone retired miner Polmaise Colliery

Jean Hirst
22 September 2011
Can I Claim My Late Fathers Pension?

Can you tell me what happens to the rest of my late father’s pension after he died.

Someone has told me that I could claim it as part of his estate, if this is correct can you tell me how to go about sorting this out.

Many thanks
Jean Hirst

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