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Brenda Joan Craddock

06 March 2013 - I'm retired and enjoy painting local pits

I am a self taught artist, born 1944 retired and a full time carer. Over the years I've had many exhibitions with my art work and they have been sent all over the world.

Apart from painting collieries, my hobbies have included paintings of local scenes which our local miners welfare displays many of my prints. I've helped to raise fund for the ex and retired miners by donating prints of my work which I'm now an honory member. Apart from my paintings, I've designed some Faberge style miners eggs made from real goose eggs.  All of my original colliery paintings were bought by one private collector while on exhibition. Although I enjoy painting collieries I have also painted collections on golf, Lord Byron, D H Lawrence plus dogs. Crafts are a big part of my life, when I'm not painting or designing Faberge style eggs, I'm making teddy bears, cakes and knitting.

These are my hobbies and when I've taken out my expenses what ever profit is left goes to charities.

- Unfortunately Many Of The Colours Have Been Distorted Putting Them Onto The Computer -
© B J Craddock

As my father was a miner, I thought that this also was an important painting to include in my collection.
It also played a big part in the life of D H Lawrence as his father worked there.


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