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Brian Macdonald - James Beech
Elaine Robinson - George Whitton, My Paternal Great Grandfather Died In The Disaster
Peter Mitchell - Looking For Information on Jack Mitchell, Cadeby Main Disaster 1912

  From: Brian Macdonald
08 May 2009
James Beech

My grandfathers name was JAMES BEECH not 'breech'

My grandma Beech was left with 13 children when my grandfather was killed and brought them all up singlehanded.  She received a small payment in compensation  but had to live on the goodwill of the parish.

Yours sincerely
Brian Macdonald

  From: Elaine Robinson
08 May 2009
George Whitton, My Paternal Great Grandfather Died In The Disaster

I was looking at your website and thought I would contact you.

My paternal great grandfather died in the disaster, he was part of the rescue crew who tried to save lives but were caught in the second explosion.

His name was George Whitton, I have a photograph of the rescue crew.

My great grandad left a wife, 3 daughters and 2 sons, the youngest (my grandad) was only 8 months old at the time of my great grandads death.


Elaine Robinson


Click here to see photo in place

  From: Peter Mitchell
04 April 2009
Looking For Information on Jack Mitchell, Cadeby Main Disaster 1912

I'm trying to find out any information regarding Jack Mitchell. He was in the 1912 Cadeby Pit Disaster. He was badly injured but did not die of his injuries at the time. He lost both legs and broke his back. He lived in Peashill street, Rawmarsh until his death sometime in the early fifties.

His wife, my grandmother, Emily was a nurse at the time and she died some 2 months after of the disaster of TB while my grandfather was still in hospital recovering from his injuries.  My father and his brother were split up and cared for by relatives until they were old enough to fend for themselves. One of the brothers, Eric, was brought up by an aunt in Bradford until he was married when he and his wife Dorothy cared for Jack until his death.

Is there a list anywhere that gives the names of all the injured or even names of those underground at the time?

I think we have some photographs of my grandfather and the pit at the time and if I can locate them I'll send you copies as they may be useful in visualising the times and maybe bringing back memories etc.

Any information regarding Jack's part/injuries in the disaster would be very much appreciated

Kind Regards
Peter Mitchel

Click here for information about the disaster and those who died but unfortunately nothing about the injured or those down the pit at the time.

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