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Diary of a Collier
I was very interested to read your diary of a collier, Les Calladine - we also have one written by Desmond Lemon and it is suprising how similar it is. He switches from fatalaties/injuries at the pit TO the number of chickens they hatched ! Just like your man with his rabbits ! Am attaching a copy for you to use/read. We typed up the information from a little red note book which was loaned to us by a Lemon family member.

A Set of Photographs Including: -

  • Jas Oakes Mines Rescue (at Mansfield I presume)
  • Westwood Miners - Prothero brothers at back
  • Front Cover of NCB booklet about Pye Hill - we have the full book
  • Front Page of Pye Hill price List 1910 - we have full book

Pit Terminology - Glossary

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