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The Day The World Blew Up - 70 People Were Killed in an English Country Village

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Fifty years ago 70 people were killed in an English country village in what was quite possibly the biggest unnatural explosion anywhere on earth until Hiroshima.

Ilkeston Mines Rescue were called out to help.

RAF Fauld was used as both a bomb dump and a bomb repair facility. Aircraft returning from raids with bombs still on board would drop these, unarmed bombs, into the soft marsh where they were later retrieved and taken to RAF Fauld for repair.

Left - Main underground bomb store.

In 1974 it was officially revealed that the explosion was caused by bombs being taken out of store - primed for use and replaced unused, with the detonators still installed.

Les Calladine, a member of the Ilkeston Mines Rescue Team was there. Here is his account.

A letter from an RAF sergeant who was there.

Letter from the Group Captain Commanding No 21 Maintenance Unit, Royal Air Force Fauld.

Commendations from the Air ministry.

London Gazette, September 1945 - Terl Bryant.

An article from the Daily Herald, 1958 - By Ronald Clark. Censorship held back all but the barest details, concealing heroism, as well as tragedy.
In this dramatic series the Heralds tells for the first time the true stories.

Another Newspaper report, I have not been able to ascertain which paper, but possibly the Burton Observer. Heroes Of Bomb Dump Explosion. Gallantry Of Ilkeston Men Recorded. Commendation For Team Leader.


Jeremy Manners - Fauld Mine - My Family - J.C. Staton & Co. Ltd.

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