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Les Calladine

Ilkeston Mines Rescue - Diaries

Part 4


Les is 1st on the right, back row

10th October 1946
Mapperley Colliery.

A. Syson
Don Roberts
Harry Newton
E. Pearcy
E. Cocking
Les Havill
Les Calladine
L. Goddard (stayed on surface)

Call at 11am to Gob fire. One man overcome by fumes and was carried out on stretcher. We all suffered a little form the fumes, which gave you a splitting headache. Got back to station at 3.30am.

11th October 1946 Went back to check on fire at 7.40pm. All went in with apparatus on to explore gases or heating up of areas. Everything ok and returned at 10.50pm.



3rd March 1947 - Dr. Sudbury brought skid chains to be mended. Don Roberts worked on them for about 3 hours.

24th April 1947 - Six of us worked in the Gallery.

30th April 1947 - Syson told me that I could drive the car as he was going to Langley pit on Thursday.

1st May 1947 - Went to Langley pit but Syson didn't so I couldn't drive. Don Roberts did.

9th June 1947 - Doctor of all P.C. lecture in morning.

18th June 1947 - Went to pit with Syson in morning and he let me drive the ambulance.

17th July 1947 - One of the men put ambulance in garage, backed into wall and bent the back step. It was removed and put in stoke hole fire and then straightened out.

22nd October 1947 - Don Roberts working in basement all morning making pencil case for Russel Syson. Boss was on leave in.


I was/am a miner

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