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Les Calladine

Ilkeston Mines Rescue - Diaries

Part 2

January 1942 - Pye Hill.
Sunday night about 6 o'clock electric standard on fire. Extinguished using foam. Back in 1½ hours.
Following week at about 1 o'clock in the morning another surface fire at Pye Hill. Headstocks ablaze from top to bottom. A very good illumination.

16th February 1942 Oakwood Grange.
L. Goddard
Les Havill
J. Duffield
Harry Astle
Les Calladine

Surface fire.

Wooden office on fire. No water supply so used extinguishers.



April 1942
Shipley Shoulder of Mutton
Turned out fire engine to Wood fire. There about 2 hours.

9th May 1942
Shipley Wood

Harry Astle
William Scattergood
Les Havill
Parry (in ambulance)

4.40am fire at Shipley wood. Ran about 45 lengths of hose out. Returned at 9.30am.




10th May 1942 - Got two rabbits, 5 weeks old, white and brown. Father English and Mother Dutch.

17th May 1942 - Got two rabbits, 5 weeks old, one black buck and one white and brown.

26th July 1942 - Got two rabbits, 4 weeks old, brown and white. Mother Belgium and Flemish and Father English.

7th September 1942 - Seven rabbits born, 4 black and white and 3 black.

27th October 1942 New Selston
Don Roberts
Les Havill
J. Duffield
Harry Astle
A. Sheffield
L. Goddard (came in with Mansfield Team)
Les Calladine

Report of underground fire with one man missing. Bells went off at 12.40am.
Travelled in to New Selston pit on Main Road intake for approx 2½ miles with stretcher, reviver, liquid air container, safety lamp and bird. Me, Havill and Sheff in front, went through three doors onto return. Sheff and Havill shot off to fetch man who was overcome by smoke and fumes without dress and got him out. He was suffering very badly from shock. Went up the belt and found where fire had been. Cable floor cutter had burnt through belting for about 12 yds. Props and lids still afire, very hot and a small quantity of smoke. Tested for gas with lamp going in and at face. Was quite clear. Returned to station at about 7.40am.

5th January 1944 - Don Roberts turning wood on lathe to make pens which Boss took to bank with him on Saturday morning.

6th January 1944 - Don Roberts turning out chess men practically all day.

12th January 1944 - Scattergood was upholstering Syson's settee in the committee room all day. Sheffield was helping him in afternoon.

19th January 1944 - Don Roberts turning steel out on lathe making self-starter for Dr Sudbury's car.

1st February 1944 - Don Roberts in basement making chess men.

3rd February 1944 - Dr Sudbury came to station for someone to fetch his car. Don Roberts and Havill working on it. Plant room broke down so Don Roberts attended to that whilst they fetched the car into the Drill Hall.

17th April 1945 - Ambulance went down to Manners pit to fetch horse manure in dustbin for greenhouse.

26th April 1945 - Rescue car went to Mapperley to take tomato plants to George Cooks house. He took thirty.
One of the men was working on the plant and left a hand lamp on the drive chain, started plant up without looking round for loose tools and the lamp went round the drive chain smashing it to bits. The chain also had to be replace.


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