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My VW Threewheeler

Also Son of a miner and proud of being one

Ron Summerson
22 June 2009
Looking For The Poem The Coal Miners Wife Read Out About Silverhill Colliery

Hi Fionn
Great to see you still have your website, its been a while since I visited it, and there I so much of interest to me, you have done a fantastic job of it, I wish my father was alive to see your website, he would have loved it, thank you for all the work and dedication that you have done Fionn.

Did you see the TV documentaries of the the 1984 Coal Miners Strike the other night? and if so, did you see the coal miners wife read out a poem she had wrote about Silverhill Colliery, I really enjoyed it.

I have not time to look though your website to see if you have Coal Mining Poems on it, but if any of your readers know of this poem, I would really appreciate a copy of it,

Hope you and your family are keep well

All the best

Ron Summerson

I've just been looking at your site once again and see you have left a message for me regarding sending another pic of the VW threewheeler I built, no problem,

I would like to thank you for publishing my memories, I'm very passionate about my mining back ground and all my mining ancestors, so it made my day to see you make this webpage about my memories of my father for the world to see, miners are a special people.....well done

kind regards Ron Summerson.

I had a good look round your site early this morning and looked at some of the mining memorabilia you have on the site and it did make me wish I had my dads old mining helmets that were in the outhouse in the 70's, I don’t have a Davy Lamp, one day . . . but I do collect brass castings of coalminers, my best one is a brass pit pony pulling a wagon load of coal with the miner pushing the wagon also.

I wonder how many people can make a Celtic Brooch for Shot Firers wire found in the coal bunker, that’s something dad taught me when I was a boy.

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