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Mrs Jo Plummer - Could I Use Photos From Your Website In A Project For Bransby Home Of Rest For Horses, Lincolnshire?
William Brown - Any Information, Medal, 1911, Scottish Society To Promote Kindness To Pit Ponies
Paul - "Sharpo's World" for Transport Photos
John Miles - Were Rescuers Paid To Rescue Horses?

Mrs Jo Plummer
21 July 2011
Could I Use Photos From Your Website In A Project For Bransby Home Of Rest For Horses, Lincolnshire?

I was wondering if it would be possible to use any of the photos on your website in a project I am helping my employer to set up. I work for Bransby Home of Rest for Horses, at Bransby in Lincolnshire. I am at present trying to get together information on horses and how they have been used over the years and came across your website while looking for pictures and information on Pit Ponies.

We have an education area at the charity and this year we are trying to bring it into line with the schools current curriculum and I have got the History section!

Any ideas? or comments you could email me would be greatly appreciated.

 In anticipation,
Mrs Jo Plummer 

William Brown
12 June 2008
Any Information, Medal, 1911, Scottish Society To Promote Kindness To Pit Ponies?
1911 Medal from the Scottish Society To Promote Kindness To Pit PoniesHi, my name is William Brown, I live in Scotland. I was going through some of my uncles possessions and I came across a medal, dated 1911 for the Scottish society to promote kindness to pit ponies.

Any information gladly accepted

Hope you are able to help me.

With regards
William Brown.

Webmaster:- Some information here

John Miles
9 September 2007
Were Rescuers Paid To Rescue Horses?
Subject: RE: Whitfield Coliery Disaster 1881

Someone who spent a short spell in the collieries of Wrexham told me that he thought that rescuers were paid to rescue horses but not paid to rescue men.

My first reaction was to think that this was a terrible indictment of the relative values placed on human and equine lives but I suppose that if your life depended on someone being paid to rescue you rather than their humanitarian leanings, perhaps it was better that they did not have to be paid to come and get you!

Have you heard of anything similar?


John Miles

From: "Sharpo's World" for Transport Photos

A pony in "pit pony" harness, taken at the Heavy Horse Weekend on the Severn Valley Railway.
Harness (and pony?) came from the Black Country Museum, I think.
The original photo is on this page:-

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Ernest James called out - to Ireland Colliery. It appeared that the pony had knocked down a barrier and had gone up an old roadway

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