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Joseph Henry Flint
1914 - 1920

Above Joseph and Elsie

Left - The Heanor Observer August 1919?

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R/4347  Sjt. J.H Flint, llth Bn., K.R.R.C.  Eastwood Notts.  (LG 11 Mar. 1920).

He has been in every action in which the battalion has taken part since July, 1915.  At Ypres, from January to July, 1916, he took part in many patrols and raids, always showing courage and deter­mination.  At Sallumines, Pas-de-Calais, also on 3rd October, he showed able leadership of a platoon.

Joseph Henry Flint Escorting German Prisoner's of war

Joseph Henry Flint In Later Life