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Diana Turner - Notes by my Grandfather Joel Settle, Manager at Leycett Colliery


From: Diana Turner
Sent: 12 January 2008
Notes by my Grandfather Joel Settle, Manager at Leycett Colliery

Tonight I was reading some handwritten notes by my grandfather Joel Settle which prompted me to search for and find the account of the Leycett Colliery disaster of October 21st 1883. This is Joel Settle's own reference to that day,

'In 1883 I was appointed Manager at Leycett Colliery. On October 21/83 an explosion took place when 6 lives were lost. This was on a Sunday and on the Monday my Brother appointed me to take charge. He was down the pit at the time of the explosion. It took a long time to recover the bodies, and after grave anxiety we were successful.'

There are no adequate words to write about such incidents are there?

My grandfather was born in 1858 and died in 1926 before I was born.

In his notes he says that he started his first job in the weigh offices at Darcy Lever Collieries when he was 8 and a half years-old.

Much later he went to night school before passing his mining exams.

These notes were written in 1918 after he had already lost one son in the Great War, but before December 1918 when his other son died of Spanish flu in a German hospital. If that had not happened I believe the notes would have been used by him to write more detailed memoirs.

Thank you for all you are doing in memory of so many
Diana Turner

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