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Bryan Maloney Syson family
Debbie Monaghan Monaghans of Leigh
Pete When did Maurice Goddard work at Grange Colliery Rotherham?
Leigh Pridmore Tracing my coal miner ancesters (Lebeter) from Ilkeston, 1871 onwards.
Susan Bradley - Identifying Diglake Flooding victims 1895.
Ngaretta  - Wilfred Hardwick was killed at Langwith Pit in 1925


From: Ngaretta
Sent: 1 February 2005
Wilfred Hardwick was killed at Langwith Pit in 1925

Hi Fionn,
I have been looking at the site trying to work out where Langwith Pit is. I have been told that a Relative of mine Wilfred Hardwick was killed in 1925 at this site.

Our family had a letter from a Mr Reaney and Wilfred's wages. I am interested in this history as my ancestors suffered My Great Uncle Ernest Hardwick(Ern) lost his leg at Langwith Pit mines,never married and lived with his sister.

Also Wilfred and Ernests sister married a son to Samuel Hardwick.Samuel was involved in the Eckington mining disaster when Samuels brother was the manager in 1871.I think his brother was Jacob Hardwick. Maybe someone could advise me on where I could find information concerning the above.Many of my Hardwick ancestors were coalminers especially from a very young age.I believe mining has come a long way from the adversities and conditions our forefathers had to endure.Would appreciate any information any one can give.

Regards Ngaretta  

A little bit about Langwith Colliery 1876 – 1978

The Sheepbridge Coal and Iron Company, based near Chesterfield, sank Langwith Colliery in 1876 and owned it until nationalisation. Initially it was to provide fuel for their furnaces but coal mining soon became an important part of the company in its own right.

Coal production ceased on the 4th August 1978.

No 2 shaft was filled with bricks from cleared housing. No 1 shaft is still open as a pumping station.

The Robin Hood Line station is now on the old pit site and the pit tips are now Poulter Country Park.

You could try: -
Ian Winstanley's Coal Mining History Resource Centre, Click here to Email him
Or possibly try Hayes Information Services (Tel 0154 3570666) Apparently they keep Old NUM and Colliery Work and Training Records although it does not look as though you have enough information.


From: Susan Bradley
Sent: 13 February 2005
Identifying Diglake Flooding victims 1895.

Lots more information from Susan

Thanks for the addition to your site.

Anyway, I have just updated the Diglake site again with some 1871 census info, which shows that several of the men were brothers or cousins.

The only miner I have any doubts about now is Thomas Taylor, died aged 14/15. There is a Thomas Taylor of the correct age in the household of John Guise, another of the victims. He looks likely, but it is such a common name I'm not certain. There are other Thomas Taylors in Audley of about the right age, none who would have been exactly 14 in 1895 however. The boys have been hardest to identify as the Diglake Disaster Fund Account Book gives no family information about them, just whether the family received a payment of £10 or £20 (for over 16s).

Hope you enjoy half-term week,
All the best


From: Leigh Pridmore
Sent: 18 February 2005
Tracing my coal miner ancesters (Lebeter) from Ilkeston, 1871 onwards.

Hello to you.
I am hoping you can point me in the right direction for tracing where my ancesters worked. I know they were coal miners in Ilkeston from at least 1871 onwards.

Their names are Joseph Lebeter (father dob 1821) and his sons George Lebeter ( dob 1859) and Isaac Lebeter (dob 1860). In 1871 they lived at 7 Chapel Street .

Thanks for your time.
Leigh Pridmore


From: Pete
Sent: 5 March 2005
When did Maurice Goddard work at Grange Colliery Rotherham?

Wonder if you can help. My dad [Maurice Goddard] worked at Grange Colliery Rotherham but we don’t know a date, this we are trying to find out. We know it was when there was a accident killing two men called Jack Atton and Andrew Bryden as these were my dads friends; we have the newspaper clipping but no dates.
Any help would be greatly welcome.
Thanks Pete


From: Bryan Maloney
Sent: 31 March 2005
Syson family

Dear sir or Madam

Could you tell me anything about the person Thurston Hall Standish Syson about what his life was in America I would be interested to know, could you let Mrs. Dick have this email please.

Thank you Bryan Maloney

How do I get a hold of this Bryan Maloney?
Thanks Fionn


From: Debbie Monaghan
Sent: 1 April 2005
Monaghans of Leigh

I am trying to find any information on my grandfather, either Wallace or Thomas Monaghan who I believed was killed in a pit accident in the Leigh, Lancashire area, possibly during the war years. I believe he was a pit manager and lived in Atherton. His wifes name was Margaret.
Any information gratefully recieved.

P.S I also believe he was buried in Fife, Scotland.

Thomas Wallace Monaghan, night manager at Bickershaw Colliery, Leigh, Lancashire, died 7th January 1942 in an explosion of firedamp; Sherwood House, Crankwood Road. Abram 6 killed 4 injured. He was aged 40.

From: William Monaghan
Sent: 07 July 2006 13:58
Subject: debbie monaghan 1940


I believe I may have some information regarding this matter. My father was Thomas Wallace Monaghan who died in this mine diaster. I need either a contact email for Debbie Monaghan or if you could pass on my details to her


William Monaghan

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